Expertise That Meets Fabric Care’s Unique Tracking And Labeling Challenges

Computype has successfully partnered with dry cleaners, laundry facilities and POS software providers for over 35 years. You can rely on us to understand your garment management needs and to deliver the proven solutions to match.


Add control, add value and enhance customer relationships.

  • Work smarter and faster while delivering value-added personalized service
  • Automate garment tracking across multiple sites
  • Capture customers’ order histories and cleaning preferences for every garment
  • Gain handling efficiencies that dramatically improve time between drop-off and pick-up
  • Manage customer relationships better and use data to uncover business building opportunities
  • Life-of-garment labels – unobtrusively heat-sealed to fabric to remain scannable, without being degraded or detached by repeated cleaning processes
  • Labels custom-developed for demanding professional laundry and dry cleaning applications
  • Easy integration with your POS software
suggested garment application location of heat seal labels

Heat-Sealed Garment Tracking Barcode Labels

The industry’s preferred garment ID solution, now with enhanced pressure-sensitive "polka dot" positioning adhesive:

  • New adhesive system holds label precisely in place prior to heat-sealing
  • Increased throughput via easy liner release
  • Label remains affixed and scannable through repeated cleaning cycles for uninterrupted workflows
  • Provides customer-specific cleaning preferences for each garment
  • Easy liner release supports faster workflows
  • Pre-printed or print-on-demand options give flexibility
  • One quick scan means faster, easier check-in of garments

Heat Seal PopUpPress

Dependable fixing of garment labels – quickly and simply:

  • No more wasted time trying to identify and track garments with lost labels
  • Enhances customer service via faster, more reliable garment management
  • Attaches to any garment, with adjustable settings for a wide range of fabrics
  • Use with Computype heat seal labels for reliable garment management throughout the item’s life

Temporary Dry Cleaning Tags

Non-adhesive nylon tags coated with a special chemical to withstand cleaning processes, with no risk of damage to the garment:

  • Guarantees identification without permanently fixing to the garment – the ideal option for customers who don’t want a life-of-garment label affixed
  • Gain flexibility – pre-printed and print-on-demand options available
  • Easily applied by safety pin or Dennison gun

Fabric Care Automation Integration

Track all garments for more efficient and better business:

  • Computype’s combined POS and fabric care industry experience delivers the closed-loop barcode labeling system you can depend on
  • Labels and printers designed to integrate garment tracking with your existing POS software
  • Save time, increase throughput and add value

The facts speak for themselves…

Integrating labels and POS reduces the time taken to handle an order and increases accuracy – giving you the potential to take on more business without compromising service or quality.

Comparison of Manual Data Entry vs. Barcode Data Entry
(12 character alphanumeric message) Manual Entry Barcode Scanning
Time Required 4-6 seconds 1-2 seconds
Accuracy 1 error/300 characters 1 error/10 million characters

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