GHS Compliant Labels – ensuring compliance and durability in workplace safety

With Computype GHS Compliant Labels, you can be sure that your chemical labels and printing processes meet the regulation for size, required information, and BS5609
Computype’s experience in worldwide industrial labeling ensures that our GHS label solutions are not just compliant, but they also match the most demanding durability specifications.


GHS Compliant Labels

GHS Compliant Label Benefits

  • Gain the complete solution, ribbons, inks, label material and color printing technology are bundled for a compliant solution
  • Achieve dependable performance, labels adhere securely to chemical drums and industrial containers and remain legible
  • Gain versatility, with a wide range of label sizes accommodating everything from small tubes or vials to large chemical drums
  • Get it right every time, labels are always kitted with the correct ribbon or inks for the highest quality in color image and durability
  • Gain expertise, Computype can assist in designing your labels according to the six key elements of a GHS compliant label

GHS Compliant Label Key Features

  • Certified compliance in respect of the six key GHS label elements – Product Identifier/Ingredient Disclosure, Signal Word, Hazard Statement, Pictogram, Precautionary Statement, and Supplier ID
  • BS5609 compliant label options – meets both GHS and International Maritime Dangerous Goods (MDG) standards
  • Standard label sizes meet requirements of specific countries where necessary
  • Designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, and meet requirement for adhesion and legibility in prolonged sea water immersion
  • Available in paper, polypropylene, vinyl, and polyester materials; blank, pre-print and partial pre-print stock options
  • Use in conjunction with Computype-provided two color thermal transfer or full color inkjet print technology for a closed-loop compliant solution

For more detailed information on GHS compliance, download Computype’s Whitepaper GHS Labeling Requirements

To learn more about Computype’s comprehensive GHS solutions, download the following brochures or contact Computype directly