The Heat Seal PopUpPress – Secure and reliable garment identification

Forget pinning paper labels to garments - the Heat Seal PopUpPress is the dependable way to affix garment labels that stay attached through repeated cleaning processes.
Since 1988, the Heat Seal PopUpPress has remained the popular choice for thousands of dry cleaners, commercial laundries, nursing homes, costume rental companies, and organizations that need to reliably identify and track garments.


Heat Seal Press Benefits

  • Increase productivity, easy to apply heat seal labels that stay affixed mean no time or effort is wasted trying to identify unlabeled garments
  • Enhance customer service, with faster, reliable garment management throughout the lifecycle of the item
  • Easily apply labels to any garment, the Heat Seal PopUpPress accommodates all kinds of fabrics with automatic adjustment settings
  • Use in conjunction with Computype heat seal labels, for a closed-loop solution for better garment processing and management

Heat Seal Press Key Features

  • The handle and heated platen automatically “pop up” when the application cycle is complete
  • Time, temperature and pressure are automatically controlled
  • Teflon® coated heated plate prevents adhesive accumulation
  • Accommodates thick and thin fabrics without platen adjustment
  • Easy access to the work area on the lower platen
  • Several platen sizes available to suit different label needs
  • Requires no compressed air

To learn more about Computype’s garment labeling solutions download the Heat Seal Press Data Sheet, or contact Computype directly