Histology Slide Labels – ensure proper chain of custody through chemical processing and staining

Chemical and stain-resistant slide labels will help to achieve fast and accurate test diagnoses by promoting functionality in automated histology slide staining.

These chemical-resistant labels suit a variety of printers and offer a range of practical benefits

  • Get reliable performance, labels are fully resistant to xylene, DMSO, methanol, isopropyl alcohol and other common solvents
  • Maintain chain of custody during H&E and IHC special staining with FLAP (Flexible-Lamination-After-Printing) labels that protect the image throughout the life of the slide
  • Increase automation precision, labels are designed to work with automated staining equipment
  • Streamline workflows, slide labels can be kitted and shipped directly to your end user pathology labs to ensure a closed-loop solution
  • Gain dependability, Computype slide labels are kitted with the appropriate ribbon to match your lab conditions and chemicals – so image quality is assured
Lynne Clancy

Advice from Computype's expert

Not all labels can withstand H&E stains. Make sure your label solutions supplier has done testing and can validate the longevity of slide labels in these types of harsh processes.

-Lynne Clancy, Regional Sales Manager, Healthcare

Additional lab support

  • Need to reprint a label? Our Label Replicator can scan a barcode on a cassette and print a corresponding slide label, even adding a prefix or suffix to identify accession information between samples
  • Computype specializes in matching printers, labels, and ribbons to meet your processing requirements
  • We can design custom software to integrate labeling with your systems
  • Let us kit and ship your labels to end users to save even more time and budget. Ask about our READY Labware Services.


Histology Labeling Summary

Features Advantages Benefits
H&E/ special stain resistant slide labels Ensures the identity of the slide sample last through rigorous conditions Faster test results when processes aren’t repeated because of unidentified samples
Compact label replication system Allows for easy creation of slide labels based on existing cassette labels Guaranteed consistent and accurate information flow

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