Pathology Tissue Cassette Labels - tough, dependable, and easy to integrate to your process

Computype Pathology Tissue Cassette Labels ensure an easy solution to maintain proper sample chain of custody.
With 40 years’ experience collaborating with pathology and histology facilities around the world, Computype solutions are thoroughly trusted in thousands of laboratories every day.


Pathology Tissue Cassette Labeling Summary

Features Advantages Benefits
Xylene and paraffin resistant pathology cassette labels One identifier will suit all stages in sample prep work Confidence the data on the label will survive through tissue processing
Compact label replication system Allows for easy creation of slide labels based on existing cassette labels Guaranteed consistent and accurate information flow

Benefits of Pathology Tissue Cassette Labels

  • Make it tough, labels engineered and tested to withstand the tissue fixing process
  • Make it permanent, engineered adhesive creates a durable, chemical-resistant bond
  • Make best use of personnel, quick, reliable labeling frees staff to work on their principal tasks
  • Make it easy, simply print-on-demand and apply directly to the cassette

Key Features of Pathology Tissue Cassette Labels

  • Designed for application prior to tissue fixing and ensured to last through processing
  • Resistant to xylene, water, isopropyl alcohol, toluene, paraffin wax and -40°C
  • Labels remain adhered with reliable image quality throughout fixing, processing, embedding, and sectioning
  • Ensure correct chain of custody while samples are being prepped for histology staining
Lynne Clancy

Advice from Computype's expert

"Are you benefitting from the flexibility of our Laboratory Label Replicator?  It couldn’t be simpler to use: just scan a barcode and instantly print its replicate, no computer required.  A great way to provide a specific number of labels for aliquoting or accessioning- or to scan a tissue cassette label and print its corresponding slide label."

-Lynne Clancy, Regional Sales Manager, Healthcare

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