PL100i Automatic Label Placement System – place pre-printed labels and component parts with precision and accuracy

The PL100i Automatic Label Placement System is a versatile tool that makes accurate work of rigid placement tasks.
In just one second, the PL100i can capture, peel and precisely place die-cut parts or adhesive label materials. With this level of accuracy and performance, you can increase throughput while also reducing errors.

Here is how the PL100i maintains continuous control of parts and their placement:

Capture: Vacuum captures the label or part in a defined place on the liner.
Peel: The label/component part is peeled from the liner under close control.
Place: The PL100i places with accuracy, reliability, and precision.


PL100i Automatic Label Placement System Benefits

  • Improve productivity and quality, with faster throughput and fewer errors
  • Gain precision, with placement accuracy of ± 0.35mm
  • Reduce bottlenecks, with precisely placed labels or components every time
  • Easily accommodate different shapes, including rectangular, round, frames, and irregular forms

Key Features of the PL100i Automatic Label Placement System

  • Accommodates placement needs for different applications including Packaging, Automotive Assembly, Medical Devices, Semiconductors, Mobile Devices, Electronics, Consumer Goods, and more
  • Place components up to 100mm x 100mm in size
  • Place items such as roll-fed labels, insulating tapes, conductive tapes, gasket materials, medical packaging materials, hang tabs, multi-layer materials, and more
  • Payoff hub size of 3” or 6”


Maximum Component Size 100mm x 100mm
Maximum Liner Width 100mm
Placement Accuracy ± 0.35mm
Payoff Hub Size 3” or 6”
Units require power and compressed air 65cfm

To learn more about Computype placement solutions download the PL100i Automatic Label Placement System data sheet, or contact Computype directly