Innovative barcode and labeling options for returnable transport packaging systems

Flexibility in barcoding technology enables a returnable transport tracking system that supports an organized, efficient, and economical distribution supply chain.  Ensuring well labeled pallets, totes, and containers promotes environmentally-friendly, long-term circulation of reusables.

In Mould Labels

Options for barcoding and identification mean the most durable, long-lasting label system for your packaging and process

  • In-mould (vacuum or static) and pressure sensitive barcoding technologies offer flexibility for a solution to best suit your infrastructure
  • Adding color to your labeling strategy enables at-a-glance identification, improved branding, and clear communication of product &/or hazard information
  • Automatic label application improves workflows and ensures precision barcode placement
  • RFID allows for bulk tracking without line-of-sight

In Mound Returnable Tote

Strategic implementation of a barcode system can help achieve tangible industry goals:

  • Reduce damage, waste, and shrinkage
  • Increase communication and speeds at which returnable totes are processed
  • Maintain track of cargo and allow for easy tracking of status of location
  • Reduce budget spent having to replace lost items

Advice from Computype's expert

“Leverage your barcodes and labels for product differentiation. By adding color, totes, crates, or pallets can be easily identified at a glance.”

-Simon Boddy, Industrial Product Manager