Tire Bead Label Applicators – Track all tires with speed and precision

Automating the application of tire bead labels has clear productivity advantages, and with Computype you get applicators designed and engineered specifically for the tire industry.
A compact LA3100 or LA3200 is quick and easy to integrate into your production line. Each has the built-in flexibility to fit with a wide range of differing plants.


Automated Tire Bead Label Applicator Benefits

  • Save on labor costs and increase productivity, automation means tire bead labeling is more precise, consistent and lower cost
  • Reduce production hold-ups, with precision label placement tire after tire and no human errors
  • Trace every tire, once applied, the label’s sequence data is read by an integrated scanner to be logged with your system
  • Get up to speed right away, Tire Bead Label Applicators are pre-programmed by Computype before delivery to work with your systems – just install, load the labels and it’s up and running
  • Label it your way, with many optional extras such as different cylinders and scanners these units are easily customized to suit your processes precisely

Key Features of Automated Tire Bead Label Applicators

  • Compact and custom-engineered for the tire industry
  • Compatible with a wide range of production lines and high throughput speeds
  • Precise label placement every time
  • Durable design based on Computype’s long experience of working with the tire industry worldwide
  • Designed for easy system integration
    • Built-in scanner reads sequence data from barcode to log with your business system
    • Indicator system notifies operators when labels are running low or when an error has occurred
    • Optional extras and upgrades add even more functionality

The LA3100 Tire Bead Label Applicator – to see it in action, take a look at the video.


The LA3200 Tire Bead Label Applicator – to see it in action, take a look at the video.

To learn more about Computype’s automated tire bead label applicator solutions, download the following brochures: