Tire Label Dispenser LD1000 – The cost effective solution for better manual tire bead labeling.

When full automation of tire bead labeling isn’t necessary, with the LD1000 Tire Label Dispenser your plant can still make substantial productivity gains.
The LD1000 simplifies the process of removing Computype tire bead labels from their backing, ready for easy removal at the tip of the finger. At just 13kg, the unit is also portable and able to handle a wide range of label sizes.


Tire Label labels

LD1000 Tire Label Dispenser Benefits

  • Increase workforce productivity, ease of use speeds label application
  • Reduce downtime, the LD1000 is highly reliable and designed to run 24/7 with minimal service
  • Reduce rework, labels are securely fixed and Computype labels are designed to withstand processes such as vulcanization
  • Immediately productive, the LD1000 is ready to run on delivery – no installation time or cost required
  • Gain upgrade flexibility, Computype offers a trade-in program on your LD1000 if you choose to upgrade to an automated solution in future

Key Features of the LD1000 Tire Label Dispenser

  • Custom engineered to face the rigors of tire production processes
  • Integral reader identifies each barcode and automatically dispenses the next one
  • Alarm feature alerts operator if labels are missing – with the scanner option mis-reads are also highlighted
  • Uses existing air supply for reliable operation
  • Rapid and reliable dispensing keeps pace with your throughput speeds

When workstation space is limited, the LD1000 Compact offers the same features as its larger counterpart contained within a smaller footprint.

To see the LD1000 in action, take a look at the video.

To learn more about Computype manual bead labeling download the LD1000 Tire Bead Label Dispenser Data Sheet, Tire Labeling Solutions Brochure, or contact Computype directly