TransMark Pro 100 Thermal Transfer Printer– Consistently high quality markings for rubber products

Marking products such as rubber belts with variable data has never been simpler or more cost-effective. The TransMark Pro 100 gives you color options, quick image changes and dependable performance that has proven to minimize down time and extend maintenance cycles, in the toughest industrial environments.

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Benefits of the TransMark Pro 100 Thermal Transfer Printer

  • Consistent print quality, barcodes, lot numbers, date codes, and logos remain clear from start to finish of every media roll
  • On-demand flexibility, print changes occur in seconds
  • Cost-cutting, no need to maintain label inventories or scrap label stocks when changes are necessary
  • No hazardous chemicals, eliminate the need for cleanup with solvents
  • Tailored to your needs, different combinations of ribbon and film available to match your specific marking demands
  • Easy integration, an easy, fast fit with your production systems
  • Various color options, different ribbon choices for a range of colors

Key Features of the TransMark Pro 100 Thermal Transfer Printer

  • Automatic reel tension control ensures image clarity throughout the length of the roll
  • Thermal transfer technology produces durable markings resistant to chemicals, moisture, and smudging
  • Range of interfaces built-in
  • Robustly engineered and proven to match demanding rubber industry needs
  • Designed to enable extended maintenance cycles
  • Easy loading of ribbon and film
  • Tamper-proof – machine set up locked and password protected

TransMark Pro 100 Thermal Transfer Printer

Thermal Transfer Printing Summary

Features Advantages Benefits
Proven in harsh, demanding industrial roles. A low risk investment, validated process, expert resources available. Easily adopted, short learning curve, already proven in the rubber industry.
Ribbon and film combination creates durable markings when using Computype materials. Images resistant to chemicals, wear, smudging, and moisture. Reliable results minimize possibility of expensive relabeling tasks.
High print speed, dependable image quality. Handles high speed, high volume throughput, increase productivity. Reduces costs through increased efficiency, minimized downtime, and less labor.
lee fernie

Advice from Computype's expert

The setup and balance of your thermal printhead for the TransMark application is critical. If you ensure the printhead is balanced perfectly on the pinnacle of the platen roller then your image quality will improve and your printhead temperature will reduce. This will diminish wear and improve the lifespan of your printhead.

-Lee Fernie, Software Engineer

To learn more about Computype’s TransMark Pro 100 Thermal Transfer Printer, download the brochure, or contact Computype directly