Barcode and labeling systems for optimal warehouse and logistic management 

Keeping your supply chain, warehouse, and distribution process as organized as possible begins with a reliable barcode and tracking system. Ensuring every asset and location is identified and accessible is the cornerstone of an optimized and efficient warehouse system


We understand that your warehousing systems demand reliability, flexibility, speed, and traceability – so our solutions are built from the ground up to meet these needs.

From paper labels for temporary marking of crates and pallets to metal labels for floors and signage, hand-held applicators and scanners to totally automated systems and software, Computype solutions are engineered to perform with built-in durability.

Our barcode systems also allow you to responsively monitor, analyze, and adapt your logistics performance, creating efficiencies that reduce overhead, and provide the service agility to keep you ahead in the fast-moving logistics world.

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To read more about how one of our customers utilizes color to improve their process, read our case study: How Color Labeling Technology Improves Warehousing and Logistics

Advice from Computype's expert

“Leverage your barcodes and labels for product differentiation. By adding color, totes, crates, or pallets can be easily identified at a glance.”

-Simon Boddy, Industrial Product Manager