Zebra GX Series Label Printers

Zebra GX Series Thermal Transfer Label Printers - the easy to operate, economical printer for a variety of label printing applications
The Zebra desktop printer series has a sleek, compact design and easiest ribbon reload system on the market, making this series of printers the top choice for a variety of global organizations.
The key to success is the flexibility; Zebra GX series printers are easy to integrate with existing production software and business systems, and are equally as simple to incorporate with production processes.

Zebra Label Printer Benefits:

  • Boost productivity, with fast and reliable printing performance
  • Integrate easily, with EPL and ZPL languages and triple connectivity built-in- 10/100 Ethernet is also available
  • Easily add extra functionality, with options including an adjustable media sensor, cutter, and peeler
  • Save desktop space as the GX420t and GX430t are multi-capacity and compact in size

thermal transfer top tips guide
John Masica

Advice from Computype's expert

Watch your print speed! Lowering the printer’s print speed will give you increased print quality at a lower heat setting. Operating at a lower heat setting can extend the life of the print head.

-John Masica, Technical Support Specialist

Zebra Label Printer Key Features:

  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries
  • GX430t prints at speeds up to 4” per second; GX420t prints at speeds of up to 6” per second
  • GX430t provides 300dpi print resolution; GX420t provides 200dpi print resolution
  • Print labels up to 4.25” wide in either Zebra GX model
  • Both options in this series offer space saving compact dimensions: 8”W x 8”H x 10”D

Thermal Transfer Printing Summary

Features Advantages Benefits
Proven industrial print technology Low risk investment, validated process, expert resources available Reduced downtime, short learning curve, overall risk reduction
Transfer of head provides a durable image when used with Computype materials End result survives chemical and water exposure; resistant to smudging Confidence in a reliable solution, label will survive its purpose; reduce need for relabeling projects
Efficient print speed and pristine image quality Increased throughput and operational efficiencies Reduction in label operation costs