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Labware Type: Glass or plastic surfaces
Cold Storage: -150°C, vapor phase nitrogen

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Product Description

Vapor Phase Nitrogen Cryogenic Labels, designed for exceptional durability and performance, these labels provide reliable sample identification and traceability in ultra-low temperatures.

Featuring a permanent, aggressive, very high tack adhesive, ensuring secure bonding to surfaces even in extreme conditions. This adhesive provides reliable adherence to dry, frost-free glass or plastic surfaces, preventing label detachment and ensuring long-lasting identification of samples.

Developed for thermal transfer printing, our cryo labels are designed for seamless integration with thermal transfer printers. Each package includes a compatible ribbon, providing a complete labeling solution without the need for additional purchases or hassle.


Our Vapor Phase Nitrogen Cryogenic Labels are ideal for laboratories requiring reliable sample labeling in vapor phase nitrogen storage systems. Whether you're storing biological samples, specimens, or pharmaceutical compounds, you can trust our labels to maintain integrity and legibility under the most extreme conditions.

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