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cab Squix Barcode Label Printer

cab SQUIX Barcode Label Printer

User friendly label printer that meets the highest quality standards

Overcome the hassles of your label printing process with the reliable, easy to use cab SQUIX barcode label printer

Developed based on the renown cab A+ printer comes the cab SQUIX series of barcode label printers. Versatile to accommodate the barcode labeling needs of almost every laboratory or research facility, the cab SQUIX series is equipped with fast speeds, increased accuracy, and superior functionality.


With RFID capabilities, a user-friendly touch screen, and a label applicator add-on, the SQUIX barcode label printer can meet all the demands of your lab’s label printing process.



cab SQUIX Barcode Label Printer Series: The Basics

  • The series of SQUIX barcode printers provides you with available printing range from 2.2” – 6.6”
  • Print at speeds of up to 300 millimeters per second
  • Operate as a standalone unit, link to a PC, or integrate with your network
  • Increase connectivity even further through utilization of RFID read/write functionality or connectivity to a mobile device
  • Print clear, scannable barcodes and text with resolution up to 600 dpi (dots per inch)
  • Print concisely with images or barcodes as small as 4x4mm
  • 3” LCD touchscreen interface allows for easy management, personalization, and operation of the printer
  • Accessories available for stacking, cutting, perforating, unwind, and rewind
  • Available with an applicator as well for even more efficiency and accuracy

To access technical specifications of the cab SQUIX Series of Barcode Label Printers - click here

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5 Reasons the SQUIX LCD Touchscreen Display Makes your Life Easier:

1. Easily navigate setup options to save time
2. Visually see printing parameters and print positioning
3. Select and edit print speeds to adjust print jobs on the fly
4. Access video tutorials through mobile QR code scanning of pre-programmed guides
5. Load your own logos or settings to personalize your barcode label printer


Add an Applicator to your SQUIX Barcode Label Printer and Start Labeling in Real-Time!

A cost effective means of boosting efficiency and accuracy, the cab S1000 label applicator for your SQUIX printer can be vertically assembled within production lines, or operate semi-automatically to directly print and apply barcode labels to labware like microwell plates!

SQUIX_with_Applicator-S1000The cab S1000 Label Applicator for your SQUIX Barcode Printer was designed to accommodate the following needs of the industry:

  • Long-lasting parts protect your investment and require minimal maintenance
  • Various stroke lengths mean you can apply labels at different heights based on the size and shape of your labware
  • A regulation unit controls compressed air pressure to prevent contamination
  • Adjustable elements like suction air and stroke speed enable flexibility in how you utilize the printer for your process
  • Print and apply labels ranging from 25 – 176mm in width to 25 – 200mm in height
  • A ‘pre-dispense’ button allows for you to verify the labeling process prior to committing to a job

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