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Tube & Vial Labels

Tube & Vial Labels

Engineered to remain adhered, readable, and in-tact for long-term cryogenic storage

Provide clear and secure sample identification for all labware stored in extreme temperatures with our Tube and Vial Labels.


Whether it’s exposure to harsh chemicals, submersion in liquid nitrogen or a -80 degrees Celsius deep freeze, Computype tube and vial labels can withstand the extremes and remain dependably affixed and legible.

Equally compatible with plastic or glass tubes and vials, these labels are trusted in labs worldwide, with good reason.

Cryo TS 976 with Hand

How Your Lab Benefits From Tube & Vial Labels

  • Gain reliable performance with label stock that ensures resistance to solvents such as DMSO, methanol and isopropyl alcohol

  • Achieve a custom solution with print-on-demand or pre-printed options - or receive pre-marked, ready-to-use labware through our READY Labware Service offering

  • Gain versatility, as these solutions are fitted for labware ranging from 0.5ml to 50ml in circumference, with specialty die-cut "bullet" labels are designed to conform to conical or centrifuge tubes from 1.5ml to 2.0ml

  • Reduce errors, as cryo labels remain affixed and legible throughout your testing and storage processes

Features That Elevate Your Research Processes

  • Durable cryo labels with unmatched, tested adhesives and image quality

  • Superior performance compared with absorbent paper or brittle nylon labels

  • Available in a range of sizes, colors and configurations

  • Wraparound format allows for easy relabeling projects and survives LN2 storage

  • Resistant to a wide range of commonly used lab chemicals and solvents

  • Proven performance in extreme, long-term storage temperatures

  • Ceramic labels permanently fired to labware offer an eternity solution

  • Innovative Direct Mark technology ID option allows durable, semi-permanent marking of plastic and glass containers – a mid-price solution with many of the benefits of more expensive techniques

Cryo Label Solutions That Resist Extremes And Facilitate Automatic Application

  Cryo Hold Bullet Cryo Hold Wraparound Permanent Mark
Container Shape: Micro centrifuge conical shape Cylindrical tubes and vials Glass and plastic labware
Container Size: 1.5ml – 2ml 0.5ml – 50ml Any size labware
Application: Pressure sensitive: Suitable for automation Pressure sensitive: Suitable for automation Permanently marked onto container surfaces
Resistant to:      
Isopropyl Alcohol
Tare Weigh to: 0.1mg 0.1mg 0.1mg
Benefits: Bullet shape accommodates tube style; also available with cap labels Self-adheres, image/barcode never directly exposed to elements A permanent identification solution


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