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RFID for reagents

Diagnostic RFID Labels

Dependable automatic ID solutions to match your most exacting specifications

Reagent and solvent resistant RFID labels to withstand repeated reagent exposure and ensure accurate, reliable, and efficient testing.

Developing diagnostic analytical equipment and consumables that are smarter, faster, and ahead of the competition takes continual innovation. At the same time you’re working with the pressures of ever-tighter platform launch timescales, compliance requirements, budget constraints, and more…


Computype understands the challenges you face, and will support your work by providing automation ID tracking solutions which help you achieve your goals.


Automation ID tracking solutions

Work with a team that understands your goals

Product differentiation, absolute precision, control, speed to market, innovation, future-proofing – your concerns are also Computype’s priorities. You can trust us to take onboard your demands and be up to speed from day one.

RFID Ready

Collaboration is key

Our RFID experts will closely partner with your product development and launch teams, ensuring that the tracking elements of your design are founded on the most robust ID solutions.

Plan for the smoothest development workflow

With our input, your RFID and barcode strategy can be planned-in at an early stage, to help adhere to timescales and hit your launch date.

Opt for one-supplier certainty

Computype’s proven barcode and RFID expertise in conjunction with global scale mean you can entrust us to handle all aspects of auto ID. Simplifying this element of your technology down to one trusted supplier gives you easier oversight, with consistent quality and system compatibility assured.

Utilizing RFID in Diagnostics

Ensure future-proofing

Collaborating with Computype’s experts helps develop a solution where the tracking of quality, quantities, and the accuracy of platform components is effectively future-proofed for your end users.

Your capable partner in a demanding environment

As the analytical platforms you develop become ever-more complex and sophisticated in order to deliver faster, more efficient performance, the quality of components must keep pace with your exacting standards.

Something as seemingly simple as tracking technology can be crucial to the success of your project. With Computype in the development loop, state-of-the-art tracking methodology is fully integrated with the design at an early stage, avoiding hold ups and revisions further down the line, and keeping your timescales on track.

RFID In Diagnostics

Computype automatic identification benefits in brief

  • Hybrid RFID barcodes for qualitative and quantitative tracking of reagents and other consumables
  • Materials and adhesives specifically engineered for reagent resistance and harsh chemical processes
  • Vivid color labeling options for branding, product identification, or packaging
  • Product development extension for optimal systems integration