Laboratory Label Replicator

Laboratory Label Replicator

For fast, easy and accurate replica label printing

Scan-one print-one technology lets you quickly and easily print replica labels when you need just one more label.


Whether you’ve run out of pre-printed labels or need to quickly correct a labeling error, the integrated and compact design of our laboratory label replicators fits easily into your workspace and workflow.

Our laboratory label replicator systems are modified to perform one task, and one task only—replicate individual labels. We work with your existing barcoding system to ensure your replicator replicates your labels, and only y

our labels. It’s programmed to print only the size, symbology and character count associated with your processes to reduce opportunity for error.

Computype laboratory label replicators are also made utilizing familiar and trustworthy printers from our partners as base models. This brings a familiar user experience and level of quality to your facility, so you can spend less time training employees and more time in the lab.


What can a Laboratory Label Replicator do for you?

  • Replicate labels to meet any standards you might require efficiently and inexpensively

  • Save space with a compact full solution printer scanning system

  • Generate new barcodes with an optional keyboard device that allows for manual code entry

  • Reduce waste and errors with fool proof scan-one print-one technology

Key Features

To ensure a familiar and intuitive user-experience we utilize label printers from our existing product line as a base for our replicator systems—specifically Zebra’s ZD series. These printers are trusted in the healthcare industry to provide durable, scannable barcodes and efficiency when printing in-house.

If your facility would prefer a different label printer or has more specialized needs, we can work with you to customize any other printer in our product line to perform replication.


ZD 220

ZD 420

ZD 620


Print Technology

Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal

Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal

Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal

Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal


(L x W x H)

10.5” x 7.8”x 7.5”

8.7” x 7”x 6”

8.7” x 7”x 6”

This varies with the base model, however most replicators will fit easily on a desktop

Image Quality

203 dpi

203 or 300 dpi

203 or 300 dpi

203 dpi, 300 dpi or 600 dpi

Print Speed


4”/sec or 6”/sec

6”/sec or 8”/sec

This will vary with the choice of base model and dpi. It can range between 2”/sec to 12’/sec

Maximum Media Width Capacity





Optional Features

Cutter, peeler

Cutter, peeler, ability to withstand sanitization

Cutter, peeler, ability to withstand sanitization

Cutter, peeler, ability to withstand sanitization… or if you’re looking for something more unique, just ask!

Click here for more details on the Zebra ZD series

Compact and Integrated Design

All of the base printers we modify to perform replication are compact desktop models designed to fit right in the workspace and transport easily if necessary.

Additionally, all the parts you need are integrated into the final design including a scanner and optional keyboard module.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface will vary from base model to base model, however, the ZD series is known for its user-friendliness. Whether you choose the minimalistic 3 button interface of the ZD 220 or the colorful LCD screen of the ZD 620, you can expect an intuitive interaction.

Built in Error Proofing

Our replicators are programed to recognize and replicate ONLY your internal barcodes to prevent the wrong labels from being replicated.

By ensuring the accuracy of your labeling you can ensure the safety and integrity of your samples.

Print as needed

Whether you’re running low on pre-printed labels or you need to correct a misapplication, utilizing a replicator lets you replicate labels individually, so you can get the exact amount of labels you need, exactly when you need them.

Cryo TS 976 with Hand

How Can Lab Replicators be Helpful to Laboratories?

Efficiency without sacrificing accuracy is extremely important in the field of research and diagnostics. The faster an accurate answer can be found, the sooner a cure can reach the market or a patient can receive proper treatment.

Laboratory replicators can save samples that have poorly applied, damaged or incorrect labels from the trash by allowing the operator to simply scan an accurate label to print an exact replica.

Looking for a Full Solution?

Tube and Vial Labels

As a supplier of label solutions we are also a label manufacturer, meaning we can provide your facility with a wide range of engineered for purpose labels that are suitable for use with our lab replicator.

From -196C to 122C, acetone to DMSO, blank to pre-printed and color coded we can help you find—or tailor—a label to suit your needs.

Take a look at our Tube and Vial label page for more details

Microwell Plate Labels

What many laboratories don’t know, is that not all labels are engineered for use in automation equipment, so it’s important you purchase labels from a trustworthy source who is not only familiar with manufacturing labels for automation, but your replicator and your processes.

Find more details on our microwell plate label page

How much does a Lab Replicator Cost?

For a very basic replicator system that includes a printer, scanner and customized scan menu we estimate that the cost would start around $1,500 for an average application. However, cost is difficult to accurately estimate since every lab application is so different.

All of our replicators are customized to meet the specific needs of your facility, and things like the base model you choose, DPI requirements and any additional custom features will affect the cost.

Base Model

Our standard base models are from the ZD desktop series. The three models which make up this series range in features and price, from the ZD 220 value model to the ZD 620 premium model. Upgrades within the series, such as the ability to withstand healthcare sanitization processes, can also impact the price of your base model.

Printers from our other partners can also be converted to replicators if preferences or more customized needs exist—this will also impact the overall cost.

Check out our review of the ZD series for more  details on its features, benefits and limitations

DPI Requirements

Just like most printers, an increase in DPI will lead to an increase in overall cost. That increase comes from the specialized equipment necessary to allow a printer to provide such a high resolution image, and the fact that high DPI doesn’t offer value to everyone.

Only extremely small barcode labels that would be used on very small vials or caps might require 600 DPI. With the trend of miniaturization, smaller sample sizes are becoming more common, so more and more labs are needing higher resolution printers, however, most labs are still able to work with 200 or 300 DPI. If you’re unsure of what DPI level will best suit your practices feel free to ask!


Any additional customizations beyond your choice in base model and DPI will impact your overall cost—and as we mentioned all of our replicators are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.

We recommend you ensure you are only choosing customizations that are necessary and valuable to your processes. This way you can avoid spending on unnecessary features and ensure you’ll find value in those you did choose, and don’t worry if you’re unsure of what is and isn’t necessary we are here to help!

We work with you…

As a solutions provider we offer guaranteed maintenance, service and technical support for the extent of your agreed upon contract in addition to any manufacturer warrantees. We do this so you can make the most of your investment by ensuring the wellness of your printer beyond the time periods specified by warrantees and reseller agreements.

In addition to extended service contracts, we guarantee your printer will arrive in working order, as every printer we ship is taken out of the box, plugged in and tested prior to leaving our building.

We believe it is part of our job to help you keep things running smoothly by providing trustworthy solutions to your barcode printing and labeling needs. When you purchase a printer from a solutions provider like Computype, you are investing in not only that printer, but its wellness and all the benefits that come along with it.

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