Microwell Plate Labels

Microwell Plate Labels

Microplate labeling options to withstand and improve efficiencies in your processes

Barcode labels customized to fit any microplate size or surface to assist in your discovery process

From -80°C in the freezer to 122°C in the autoclave, Computype Microwell Plate Labels can easily withstand repeated freeze-thaw cycles and the environmental extremes of chemicals and storage.

Designed to accommodate standard SBS plates, Computype Microwell Plate Labels can also be customized to fit non-standard plate formats. Combined with our Automated Plate Labeling Equipment, you’ll realize improved efficiencies and dependable plate tracking.

microwell plate2Pre-Printed vs. Blank

When you order from Computype you have a couple of options when it comes to how you receive your labels. We can supply your facility with either pre-printed labels or blank label kits, find out which strategy is best for your facility:

Blank Labels

A facility that is purchasing blank labels most likely requires their labels to be printed in-house to accommodate variable information that isn’t known ahead of time. They might also have the desire and workforce required to maintain full control of their labeling strategy by keeping it in-house.

Pre-Printed Labels

If your facility knows the information you’ll need printed ahead of time we can supply your labels pre-printed. As a label manufacturer we have access to label printing tools that just aren’t practical to implement in the lab, so we can accommodate a number of customizations including color, specialized materials and pre-barcoded plates!

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Key Features

Microwell Plate Labels

Blank Pre-Printed Pre-Barcoded

Size Options

2” x .25”

2.5” x .25”

2.75” x .25”

Or Custom

2” x .25”

2.5” x .25”

2.75” x .25”

Or Custom

Flexible, customized to application


Pressure sensitive: manual and automation compatible options available

Pressure sensitive: manual and automation compatible options available

Pre-marked and applied to labware at our facility.

Permanent Direct Mark options are available


Limited to printer capabilties

Yes, custom options

Yes, custom options

Resistant to:





✔️ ✔️  ✔️


✔️ ✔️  ✔️ 


✔️ ✔️ ✔️

Isopropyl Alcohol

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What Can Microwell Plate Labels Do For You?

  • Withstand your processes with labels that are specially engineered and carefully matched to the ideal print solution to survive harsh conditions.

  • Fit all your information on your plates when you choose the label size best suited to your application.

  • Introduce color to your strategy to improve organization with color coded labels, or represent your brand!

  • Integrate directly into your current, or ideal print solution with labels that are compatible with several desktop and industrial printers, as well as print and apply automation.

  • Improve efficiencies and avoid compromises with customizable options that suit your practices

Color Plate Labeling 2

What Comes in a Microwell Label Kit?

If you decide to purchase your labels blank, they will arrive packaged in kits for ease of use. So what exactly is included in a kit?:

  • Your blank labels
  • Thermal transfer ribbon, matched to your labels for optimal performance
  • A cleaning wipe

Each kit varies in the amount of label rolls and labels included based on your needs and application, so be sure to ask your sales rep for more details. The number of ribbon rolls will also vary, but there will always be enough to accommodate printing of all of your labels.

Why the Cleaning Wipe?

We include a cleaning wipe in all of our labeling kits so you have the supplies to keep your thermal transfer printer running smoothly for as long as possible. Performing regular cleaning and maintenance is a must for optimal printer performance and long-term wellness.

Check out this article to learn how proper cleaning   and care can increase the lifespan of your printhead

Looking For an Efficient Way to Apply Plate Labels?

Automatic Microwell Plate Barcode Labeler

With an automatic microwell plate barcode labeler you can ensure precise and accurate microwell plate labeling in your lab, while also increasing throughput. With both standard and custom options to choose from you can find or build the most suitable solution for your facility.

Cab Hermes Automated Label ApplicatorPictured above is cab’s Hermes+, one of our standard automation solutions

Click here for more details on our microwell plate label automation options

READY Labware Services

Receive your plates with barcodes already applied and gain access to durable, custom direct marking options through our READY Labware Services program. With ready labware services, you can consolidate your plate and label orders into one, eliminate labeling from your facility and receive your order custom sorted, kitted and/or packaged to your standards.

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The Complete Buyers Guide to Microwell Plate Labeling. Get your free copy!

How much Do Microwell Plate Labels Cost?

The cost of microwell plate labels varies substantially depending on several factors, namely volume, size, method and customizations.


Simply put, as the volume of labels you order grows, so does the cost of your order. However, we do offer discounts on larger orders.


As the size of your labels increases so will their cost. Larger labels require more materials therefore increasing costs.


Whether you order your labels pre-printed, blank, or choose to receive already-barcoded plates via an outsourcing program will affect costs.

Pre-printed labels take printing out of your facility entirely and allow for the inclusion of specialized print technologies, color options and coatings.

Our blank labels come in kits with everything you need to print included (except for the printer…but we can help with that too!). Your kit includes thermal transfer ribbon that’s specially matched to perform optimally with your labels.

When you choose to order pre-applied barcodes through READY Labware Services you completely eliminate the labeling process from your lab while also gaining access to durable print technologies you can’t implement in your own lab.


Any customizations or accommodations will affect the cost of your order as additional time, care and potentially specialized materials may be required to fulfill your request.

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