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Tube and Vial Label Automation

Tube and Vial Label Automation

Precise automatic label placement at high speed for tubes and vials

From reduced human error to eliminating sample contamination, see improved workflows almost immediately with our range of tube and vial labeling automation solutions


Precise label placement and application speeds more than double that of manual application ensure a cost-justified investment for precise, automatic labeling of tubes and vials.

Flex Tube Pro Automatic Tube and Vial Labeler: Bulk labeling &/or sorting done efficiently and automatically

  • Automatically sorts, orients, dispenses, and labels tubes and vials; with or without caps
  • Processes and precisely labels at ±35 mm tolerance allowing for up to 2 hours of walkaway time
  • Easy changeover accommodates different tube/vial sizes with no tools needed
  • A quiet and improved upgrade to the noisy vibratory bowl that also performs labeling tasks
  • Easily integrates into other workflow automation for seamless handling of labware
  • Fully automated system enables uniform processing, increases throughput, and virtually eliminates human error
FLEX TubePro - Lab Automation Solution (1)

Tube Pro: Print and apply labels in half the time vs. manual labeling

customized roller sets allow for labeling of different sized containersCustomized Roller Sets Allow for Labeling of Different Sized Containers

  • Semi-automatic offers manual present/ automatic label application to your tubes and vials; with or without caps
  • Precisely labels at ±35 mm tolerance at twice the speed of manual labeling
  • Easy changeover to accommodate high mix/low volume labeling with no tools needed
  • Comes standard with a light curtain option for added safety feature; fully enclosed unit operates on a motion sensor for increased ergonomic benefits

Watch the video to see the Tube Pro Label Applicator in action



PR100i + Tube Pro Assembly v3_Final


Benefits of Tube and Vial Label Automation

  • Increase productivity, reliable high speed, high capacity solutions allow staff to work on scientific activities while applicators apply labels
  • Gain the complete solution with one investment, these solutions handle all your tube and vial labeling needs, which allows for better use of personnel skills and time
  • Reduce human errors and system interruptions while increasing throughput, precise functions provide consistent and reliable work that expedite your labeling process
  • Make efficient use of work space, quiet operation allows for other tasks to be performed in the same vicinity
  • Gain Flexibility, machines can accommodate multiple tube sizes and shapes easy change-over of parts
  • Implement and integrate with ease, the units can be integrated into many different processes, increasing accuracy and throughput

Tube and Vial Label Automation

Key Features of Tube and Vial Label Automation Solutions

  • Fully automated systems integrate easily into existing workflow systems
  • Suitable for print-and-apply of both linear and 2D codes
  • Easy change-over for different tube/vial sizes
  • Precise label placement means reliable barcode reading
  • High resolution printing at 600 dpi and precision label placement at +/-0.35mm
  • Customizable to accommodate unique operational sequences &/or labware needs
  • Reduce or eliminate repetitive strain injury potential