Revolutionizing the Diagnostics Laboratory with RFID and Smart Phones

Revolutionizing the Diagnostics
Laboratory with RFID and Smart Phones


In this rapidly changing environment, three important technology trends are converging, resulting in a unique opportunity to revolutionize laboratory process efficiency:

  • Increasing availability of automated diagnostic instruments
  • The emergence of commercially available RFID solutions for utilization in diagnostics
  • The commercialization and adoption of smart phones with Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities 

Download the whitepaper to learn about the components of each of these trends and examples of the new RFID technology alternatives and emerging use cases. 

The In-Vitro Diagnostics Industry is growing rapidly with technological advancements

The rapid pace of innovation in healthcare diagnostics is resulting in new ways to apply technologies to increase efficiency, reduce errors, reduce cost and improve patient outcomes.

Automation in the laboratory will continue to be a key driver supporting these improvements, and this automation has been supplemented by the recent availability of RFID components, low cost sensors, smart phone user interfaces and cloud computing, resulting in a rich new environment for diagnostic laboratory process improvements and increasing customer value.