Rubber Belt Transfer Labels

Rubber Belt Transfer Labels

A fast, flexible, and multi-color thermal transfer marking for rubber belts

Mark your brand in real-time with Rubber Transfer Labels


TransMark’s print-on-demand technology both speeds up and simplifies the marking of your products, making your production more responsive and easier to manage.

You can apply information to your belts quickly and efficiently via a system that easily integrates with your production processes.


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TransMark Rubber Belt Labeling


Benefits of TransMark Rubber Belt Labeling

  • No need to maintain a label stock inventory, print-on-demand saves on cost, space, and waste
  • Gain practical, flexible belt printing - TransMark includes a roll of film and ribbon and uses an industrial thermal transfer printer to print your design on-demand.
  • Respond fast to customer needs, simply key in changes when required with no need for replacement transfers or plates
  • Eliminate need for solvents, and the associated health and safety issues of screen printing
  • Change colors easily, TransMark film and ribbon roll system applies designs via thermal transfer printing – a range of colors can be accessed simply by changing the ribbon
  • Print variable images easily, with no requirement for a large stock inventory


Key Features of TransMark Rubber Belt Labeling

  • A small number of transfers held on site can create wide variety of customer logos, lot numbers, barcodes, and date codes
  • Sign changes easily and quickly made on site
  • Private brand marking on-demand
  • Environmentally-friendly process
  • Supports JIT working

Your belts can say more, and Computype makes it happen

With Computype there’s no reason why your rubber belts can’t support a brand in color. We can guarantee that key product information will also remain legible in a range of different colors.

Pantone Colors


Find out how print on demand branding supports lean manufacturing principles


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