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Exploring Barcode Outsourcing

in Sample Management

This white paper offers an overview of the current challenges
and opportunities facing compound and sample management,
and explores crucial themes in outsourcing the preparation
processes associated with labware procurement, barcoding, and
container taring.

A Whitepaper Exploring Barcode Outsourcing in Sample Management Cover




How labware prepping activities impact quality
Standard components of quality process: 


Ensure your supplier understands the importance of the position of 2D codes and linear barcodes on the containers. 'This, along with crystal-clear codes, will ensure automation functionality is optimal & uninterrupted. 


Ensure storage conditions are included in your SOP & discussed with your label/labware suppliers so the identity of samples can be guaranteed throughout their life cycle.  

If possible, funnel labware prepping activities for all global locations through one supplier so barcode sequences can be managed and all product is consistent.
Ensure the reliability of your process by starting with the basics and working upward from there. Where will we get the containers? How will they be identified? How will they be stored and in what quantities? From there you can document processes for consistency & reliability.

30% of total label costs can typically be saved by companies adopting pre-prepped labware outsourcing such as READY Labware.