Streamlined Service and Bead Label Automation Reduce Downtime at Tire Manufacturing Facility


Customer Background:

All global tire manufacturers place high demand on their automated systems, requiring them to run at optimal speeds and reliability in order to keep up with the fast-paced production and maximize throughput.

Time, resources, and most importantly, monetary value are compromised when issues occur that aren’t easily remedied which is why reliable label automation is critical. This particular tire manufacturer was utilizing an automation system that started to be more costly than beneficial to their processes, and reached out to Computype for assistance. 

The Challenge:

Problems started occurring with the current applicator system, which was very inconvenient as the only place it could be fixed was overseas, where it was manufactured. The process of removing the system, sending it off, and repairing the applicator unit came at a high cost and would take months.

As tire manufacturing is a high-speed process, it is very important that the applicator system is efficient and able to overcome malfunctions with ease. Computype was contacted, and while we were not able to repair a system that we did not manufacture or distribute, we presented a potential solution that not only would function better, but could also be easily serviced and supported by local Computype resources.

Our Solution:

Computype proposed print-and-apply label applicators systems, where Computype-engineered bead labels would be automatically printed and applied to tires on-site and on-demand. Open to other options as a result of downtime, the validation process consisted of Computype engineers presenting a demo on-site so engineers and operators could see it in person and visualize how it could integrate to their unique process.

The simple design and compact structure of this bead label applicator system was exactly what they were looking for. With their previous equipment, it took two maintenance engineers 1-2 hours to swap out the old applicator system and 3-6 months for repair; with Computype’s new design, it takes a single engineer 10 minutes to swap out the unit and our average turn-around time for repair is 4-6 weeks. The simplicity and reliability of this process provided a heightened peace of mind for this tire manufacturer.

In addition to the compact design, the applicator is German-engineered for industrial environments and Computype keeps stock of replacement parts at our plant as well as spare parts at our customer’s manufacturing plant in the United States, making for convenient replacement. Initially, 2 units were ordered to continue testing the system for a longer period of four months.

As a result of much success, the decision was made to pursue the use of this applicator and since then, an additional 50 applicators have been commissioned and installed from.

How Computype Helped:

Today, every tire manufactured in this facility is labeled with a bead label applicator from Computype. Computype-manufactured tire bead labels have been a more appealing label that also adhere better than the ones they were using prior. Due to the superior performance of our bead labels, they are now scheduled for regular deliveries to the tire manufacturing plant.

Tire Bead Label Diagram

Of the many things that improved with our labels, perhaps the most noticeable was the image quality. These labels are not discolored by the tires, as the prior stock was, due to the substantial increase in image durability. Scan rates also increased drastically; these tires get scanned at upwards of 20 different areas in the tire manufacturing process, so a high scan rate is important. Our accurate and sequentially numbered barcodes enable this high scan rate.

Computype provided reliability, quality, maintenance, and time savings for this tire manufacturer. With our print-and-apply bead label applicator, inconvenience of replacement was no longer an issue.

The image quality of the tire bead labels is now superior as well as their ability to adhere to the irregular surface of a tire. Scan rates also improved, expediting the tire building process while making it more accurate and efficient.

Additionally, maintenance was much simpler as spare parts were always available, as well as a much easier process for taking the applicator in and out of the tire building workflow. Not only that, but Computype worked with our partner to have additional wear parts and replacement parts in the United States specifically for this company. Computype has provided a full-solution package resulting in a much more efficient and successful process at the manufacturing plant.

Streamlined Service and Bead Label Automation Reduce Downtime at Tire Manufacturing Facility



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