Thermal Transfer Printer Top Tips

Keep your Thermal Transfer printer dependably productive with 5 simple tips

  1. Keep the print head clean.
    • Regularly clean the print head – the best time is when you’re replacing the label roll or installing a new ribbon.
  2. Get your heat and speed ratio right.
    • Running the printer on a slower setting means using less heat to get a good image. Less heat means the print head will last longer!
  3. Protect the print head from the media.
    • Use a thermal transfer ribbon that’s a little wider than the media to protect the print head from abrasion.
  4. Razor blades and box cutters are out!
    • Only ever use the printer’s tear bar or scissors to remove labels – blades mean slits and cuts in the driver roller which can easily cause voids in the printed labels.
  5. Avoid ‘ribbon wrinkle.’
    • More often than not, ‘ribbon wrinkle’ is caused by too much heat, so your first fix should always be to turn down the heat setting.