The Complete Buyers Guide to

Microwell Plate Labeling

Let’s talk microwell plate identification

Proper identification of microwell plates is critical for accuracy and efficiency in your processes, but let’s face it, labeling is no fun. As a solutions provider, we aim to take as much of the labeling process as possible off the shoulders of our customers, so we created this guide to lay out your options and help you through the decision making process.

Through this guide you will learn everything you need to know about microwell plate labeling, including:

  • Choosing the right labels
  • Automated microwell plate labeling
  • Pre-barcoded microwell plates
  • What you need to consider before you implement a new strategy

This guide will lead you one step closer to finding the microwell plate labeling strategy suited to help your facility meet accuracy and efficiency goals faster and more effectively.

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The Complete Buyers Guide to Microwell Plate Labeling