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The Little Book of Identification
and Tracking for Diagnostics


We’re proud to provide tracking to some of the industry’s leading diagnostic organizations, and you can be sure that as technology evolves, so
will our solutions to help support it.

With this eBook you will understand how our solutions provide a perfect fit with today's diagnostic sector! Some topics we'll cover:

  • How labels assist in accurate and efficient diagnoses
  • Automatic identification solutions
  • Improving processes & information flow with RFID
  • Adding color to labeling strategies
  • Outsourcing & automation
  • The future of diagnostics

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The Little Book of Identification and Tracking for Diagnostics

Identified Strengths

As the demand grows for greater accuracy and increased speed in diagnostics, so too does the need for reliable, automatic identification.

This is where we come in. We are recognized for our strengths in tracking specimens, monitoring proprietary consumables and productizing reagents, we can provide the RFID – and the labels – that you require.

But perhaps more importantly, we also provide a very strong level of service. We consult with you about your exact requirements, your immediate requirements and future goals and then devise a solution tailored to your precise needs. No compromises, no cut corners: a combination of consultation and technology that has seen us provide automatic identification systems to some of the industry’s leading diagnostics organizations.

Strengths we feel certain you will identify with.

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