How can RFID help you
accomplish your goals?

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RFID: The big picture
in the tire industry

As the tire industry continues to move towards full automation and Industry 4.0, the conversations surrounding RFID and smart sensors become more and more relevant.

From easier tracking through manufacturing to waste reduction efforts, to improved automotive safety and visibility of lifetime performance, the benefits realized from RFID are virtually endless .

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The Little Book of RFID for Tires

Find out how Computype can make RFID work for you

It’s clearly important to make sure the RFID you adopt is an ideal fit for your organization.

We can help establish precisely how the technology will add the most value to your specific situation. Working in partnership with your teams, Computype can handle the entire process, from producing a business case justification for your RFID adoption, right through to design, sourcing, installation, and commissioning.