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Tire Tread Labeling Automation System

Intricately engineered to include all components in the tire tread labeling process

Support growth and efficiency with our Automatic Tire Labeling System, Chromaffix. 

Eliminate manual labeling and allow for easy legislation compliance by integrating a tailored Chromaffix tread labeling
 solution into your production line.


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How Does Chromaffix Work?

Chromaffix is an automated print and apply tread labeling system intended to integrate directly into your existing production line and improve your overall processes through increased speed, accuracy and efficiency. The unit merges with your existing conveyor system, scans the vulcanized barcode label of each oncoming tire then prints, presents, and applies the appropriate tread label to each passing tire. 


The Chromaffix unit is able to accurately apply labels in as little as 2-3 seconds per tire. This allows you to incorporate the unit directly into your conveyor line without having to worry about any hold-ups.


The unit was intentionally built to have few moving parts, an enclosed body and an ergonomic design to ensure safety and ease of use for line operators.


The articulating tamp arm of the Chromaffix unit adjusts to accommodate different sized tires and apply each label to the center of every tire. Since every tire manufacturer does things differently the Chromaffix was intentionally made to be easily modified to meet your needs. Talk to your sales representative about additional safety features and other modifications your Chromaffix may need to adapt to your processes.


Chromaffix allows you to streamline your processes by integrating labeling directly into your existing workflow—removing any additional steps from your process. Not only does this unit fit directly onto your lines, it uses your tire barcodes to populate the variable data printed onto the tread label, ensuring you'll have no mislabeled tires. 


We have engineering support located in North America, South America and Europe ready to discuss your Chromaffix solution in your time zone and in your language. Our technical team can log in to the Chromaffix system from anywhere in the world to fix quick technical issues related to the PLC system or HMI application. 

Chromaffix Superior Service

Before You Buy...

We understand that Chromaffix isn't for everyone, as you consider your options here are a few things to know about our system's limits and abilities. 

Media Changeover Stops 

Our tread label automation system is only capable of running one form of media at a time, so if your facility requires multiple forms of media to be run you have two options. One, you can briefly stop production for media changeover each time it is required, or two, you can purchase multiple Chromaffix units.

Black and White Variable Printing

The Chromaffix itself uses thermal transfer print technology meaning it is not able to print in color, however this does not mean incorporating color isn’t possible. Computype recommends using a hybrid printing method where static color elements are preprinted onto the labels and variable black and white information is added later by the Chromaffix.


Our system can be modified to incorporate RFID technology into your processes with an added print module. If your company is interested in implementing RFID tread labels, or would like to improve existing RFID tread labeling processes with a Chromaffix system, contact us to discuss possible solutions. 

How Much Does Chromaffix Cost?

The standard list price for a Chromaffix unit is $250,000, however discounts will be applied based on consumable commitments, service levels, etc. This pricing model allows us to offer our customers value by offering savings in return for setting up your Chromaffix for optimal performance.

Why Chromaffix, Why Computype?

Both our Chromaffix unit and our company values are built upon serving and supporting your goals. We are confident that Chromaffix can benefit the tire industry by providing an opportunity to make processes smarter and more efficient. In addition to reducing overall manufacturing costs Chromaffix supports the tire industry with two major growth initiatives: Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. If your company is looking to increase productivity and efficiency through lean manufacturing and keeping up with industry 4.0, Chromaffix is a solution to keep in mind.

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