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The need to know the status and location of assets and items is nearly universal in business—from containers of blood products to critical research specimens to high-value chemicals in transit to their destination.  Computype has paired our expertise in automatic identification—via barcodes and RFID—with track-and-trace software to provide an end-to-end platform incorporating item labels or tags, hardware such as readers or scanners, and a simplified data workflow tailored to your needs.

Business decisions and processes can move faster, oversight is reduced, and duplication of effort is eliminated.  Centralized transactions and information can be integrated into your organization’s existing systems and processes.


Our ATLAS track-and-trace software platform offers these features, using either barcode or RFID technology:

  • Track physical assets and data flexibly, comprehensively, and securely;
  • Near-real-time visibility into customized fields such as location, status, expiration dates, and environmental conditions for all your assets;
  • Complete chain-of-custody records with immutable data which can easily integrate other data inputs/outputs;
  • Users experience increased efficiency, lower costs, and reduced risk;
  • Complete, end-to-end solution for track-and-trace monitoring and inventory management that integrates into your existing processes and systems.

Virtual demos of the ATLAS solution can be provided at no cost or obligation.

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