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Trust Computype for Certainty and Precision in Blood Labeling

You need to ensure absolute accuracy and compliance, yet you also want to control costs, enhance productivity and be responsive to a changing transfusion medicine industry landscape. 

Download the brochure to learn how Computype's labeling solutions help you strike that essential balance without compromises.

When it comes to blood labeling, the world comes to computype

When it comes to blood labeling, the world comes to Computype

For over 40 years, Computype has produced millions of Donation Identification Number barcode label sets and ISBT 128 blank labels for Blood Banking facilities all over the globe.

When you trust your labeling to Computype, you’re entering a solid partnership. We gain and retain customers because we have the technologies, industry understanding and global representation to meet your needs. But just as importantly, your Computype Label Pro provides a one-on-one relationship to ensure your unique expectations are exceeded.