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Transformational TransMark

The TransMark Pro 100 Thermal Transfer Printer is changing the way rubber is marked for good, and the benefits are hard to ignore:

  • Consistent print quality - barcodes, lot numbers, date codes, and logos remain clear from start to finish of every media roll
  • On-demand flexibility - print changes are actioned in seconds
  • Cost-cutting - no need for label inventories, and the costly waste of redundant label stocks is avoided
  • No hazardous chemicals - eliminate solvent clean-up and its associated H&S issues
  • Tailored to your needs - different combinations of ribbon and film available to match your specific marking demands precisely
  • Easy integration – designed for an easy, fast fit with your existing production systems
  • Various color options - different ribbon choices give access to a range of colors

Key Features: 

  • Automatic reel tension control ensures image clarity throughout the length of the roll
  • Thermal transfer technology produces durable markings resistant to chemicals, moisture, and smudging
  • Range of interfaces built-in
  • Robustly engineered and proven to match demanding rubber industry needs
  • Designed to enable extended maintenance cycles
  • Easy loading of ribbon and film
  • Tamper-proof – machine set up locked and password protected


See the TransMark Pro 100 Thermal Transfer Printer in action - watch the video now.






TransMark Pro 100 Thermal Transfer Printer

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