Tube and Vial Labeling.

High-quality sequential barcodes and custom laboratory labels for glass vials, plastic tubes, of any shape or size. Withstand harsh environments including severe temperature and chemical exposures with labels that will not peel or fade. 

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Computype leads in sample identification with our vision-based inspection system that eliminates duplicate and no-read barcodes and guarantees first-time scannability.


Our labels are engineered to endure extreme temperature cycles and chemical exposures to ensure that your laboratory never loses track of a sample.


Source pre-identified tubes and vials and eliminate label application from your laboratory altogether. Our pre-barcoded labware arrives ready for immediate use to help save your lab time and boost throughput.


Monitor and track your samples and inventory through a centralized data hub. Our cloud-based digital traceability platform provides end-to-end traceability throughout your entire supply chain. 

Core solutions for tube and vial labels.

Cryogenic Labels

Computype’s vial label and marking solutions can survive extreme temperature exposures down to -196°C, withstand liquid nitrogen, and remain secure throughout multiple freeze-thaw cycles and extended long-term cryogenic storage.

Chemical Resistant Labels

Withstand exposure to DMSO, methanol, xylene, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, and more. We quality test our label construction to ensure that your labels will remain scannable, readable, and will not fade even through extensive chemical testing. 

Custom Marking

Rather than purchasing your tubes and labels separately, consider sourcing pre-identified tubes and vials with sequential barcodes and human-readable labels already applied. Enhance your labware with fill lines, 2d barcodes on bottoms and caps, as well as color and branding.    

Pre-Labeled Tubes and Vials

Computype’s Pre-Barcoded Labware service not only offers advanced labeling opportunities, but taring and sorting services as well. Rather than applying labels in-house, or investing in automation equipment, find out if Pre-Barcoded Labware can support your needs.

Pre-Barcoded Glass Vials

Laboratory Digital Traceability

Tracking high-value samples across multiple systems and locations can be a challenge in any laboratory. Without proper infrastructures in place this can lead to higher costs and lower visibility. Computype’s Digital Traceability Platform helps track critical assets digitally and physically – monitoring storage, usage, and more.

Automatic tube and vial label applicators.

cab Axon 1

The cab Axon 1 automated printer-applicator can integrate with large-scale automated handling. This model accommodates conical and capped tubes very well due to the vertical orientation.

cab Axon 2

The Axon 2 applicator is an advancement from the SQUIX printer, combining its impressive printing power with the Axon’s unique label application, for a true print and apply solution.

cab Hermes Q

The cab Hermes Q custom applicator features the high print quality and industrial-strength cab is known for, paired with a unique applicator capable of labeling cylindrical containers big and small. 

Tube and vial labeling applications.

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