About Computype.

We are a family-owned company that leverages our expertise to identify and track critical assets with innovative programs that improve our customers’ processes, performance, and control. With nearly 50 years of innovating automation and labeling solutions, we pride ourselves on being able to solve identification problems that others can’t.

Our mission. 

To identify and track critical assets while assigning them a digital identity that helps companies to improve their workflows.

Our vision. 

We are driven to improve how work flows. We envision a future where critical assets have both a physical and digital identity that provide valuable insights to key decision makers, allowing companies to optimize their workflows.

Our values. 

At Computype, we take pride in our work and understand that fostering a safe and respectful environment enables us to engage, contribute and grow.  We put team first. We look after each other, help each other, and together, we relentlessly solve customer problems. We study, we refine, we increase speed and efficiency, and only then do we make a recommendation. Because at Computype, we are always striving to be better: better for our customers, our families, and our communities.

Identification and Tracking Expert

Tracking expertise, meet tracking assurance.

Our deep bench of identification and tracking engineers offer a comprehensive suite of innovation and insights for all your identification challenges. 

custom solutions provider

Risk management, meet rewarding partnership.

We dig in, get to know our customers’ unique challenges, and develop custom solutions to meet their exact needs. 

critical situations leader

Harsh environments, meet extreme performance.

We excel in challenging situations and mission-critical operations. The rigorous ID and tracking standards you insist on are always fully supported by Computype solutions.

industry pioneer

Groundbreaking ideas, meet earth shattering results.

We’re supporting data driven improvements by changing how information is captured, sequenced, replicated, and converted into great achievements. 

Computype Named in Star Tribune’s Top Workplaces 2022

The Star Tribune’s Top Workplace winners were announced and honors Computype for putting its people first. Computype, an innovator in automatic identification, labeling solutions and tracking systems, was one of 200 organizations to be recognized as a Top Workplace by the Star Tribune.

“This is a great accomplishment for our team and its one we should all be very proud of,” said Scott Hietpas, CEO of Computype in a video message to employees. “I applaud you and ask that you continue to deliver the solutions our customers not only need, but expect from Computype.”

While Computype has grown to be a global player, we are still family-owned and retain that approachable and entrepreneurial spirit with a single-minded focus of genuinely helping them overcome challenges and be better businesses.

Star Tribune Top Workplaces 2022

Roach Family Foundation.

Where values meet family. Computype has roots in the hardworking efforts of family, and we pay it forward with contributions to causes we care about deeply.

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