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We are a family-owned company that leverages our expertise to identify and track critical assets with innovative programs that improve our customers’ processes, performance, and control. With nearly 50 years of innovating automation and labeling solutions, we pride ourselves on being able to solve identification problems that others can’t.

Computype: where tracking meets success

We exist to change the way the world tracks things. Valuable things, life-saving things, business critical things; we label, track, and monitor your assets. With an experienced team and technologies tailored to your specifications, you can rely on us to relentlessly raise the bar and deliver solutions that are always correct and cost-effective.

Our Mission

To change the way the world tracks things.

Our Vision

A future where the world’s most critical assets are tracked with absolute clarity.

Our Company

We are an identification and tracking company providing customers with valuable insights into their critical assets.

Our history and innovations

  • Computype Founded

    Computype is founded in St. Paul, MN, USA. as a computer typesetting service bureau operation.
  • Roach Family Ownership

    Buck Roach, Larry Erickson and Hugh O’Connell purchase Computype. The primary business focus is typesetting corporate directories for the telephone company.


  • First DIN Sets

    With FDA-compliant adhesive and guaranteed sequence integrity, Computype signs its first contract to provide Donation Identification Number (DIN) Label sets to the American Red Cross.

  • Barcode Production Focus

    Computer typeset operations are sold as barcode production becomes the sole focus of the business.

  • First Tire Bead Labels

    Tire bead labels are manufactured for the first time. Today, Computype provides over 400 million bead labels to customers in 40 countries.

  • First Histology Slide Labels

    Computype invents a chemical-resistant slide label for automated histology staining. Still used today, this label solution enables fast and accurate cancer screening in global diagnostics.

  • Pre-Barcoded Service Launch

    Computype expands product offering to include pre-labeling services. Today, Labware Prep™ Services is used to manage compounds in 7 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies.

  • RFID Integration for Reagent Tracking

    Computype helps a global diagnostic organization implement RFID and custom-encoded software for reagent tracking.


  • Labeling Automation Introduced

    Product portfolio expands again to include automated label applicators for increased throughput and precision label placement.

  • 40th Anniversary

    Computype proudly celebrates 40 years as a family-owned business.

  • Cured Ink Direct Marking Launch

    Computype launches a proprietary direct mark technology, which provides customers with a more colorful and permanent means of identification.

  • Identification & Tracking Services

    Computype redefines their mission to change the way the world tracks things. We envision a world where the world’s most critical assets are tracked with absolute clarity.

  • Asset Tracking Software

    Computype partners with Avery Dennison to provide cloud-based digital tracking services for complete asset and inventory management.

Computype Named in Star Tribune’s Top Workplaces 2023

The Star Tribune’s Top Workplace winners were announced and honors Computype for putting its people first. Computype, an innovator in automatic identification, labeling solutions and tracking systems, was one of 200 organizations to be recognized as a Top Workplace by the Star Tribune.

“This is a great accomplishment for our team and its one we should all be very proud of,” said Scott Hietpas, CEO of Computype in a video message to employees. “I applaud you and ask that you continue to deliver the solutions our customers not only need, but expect from Computype.”

While Computype has grown to be a global player, we are still family-owned and retain that approachable and entrepreneurial spirit with a single-minded focus of genuinely helping them overcome challenges and be better businesses.

Star Tribune Top Workplaces 2022

Roach Family Foundation.

Where values meet family. Computype has roots in the hardworking efforts of family, and we pay it forward with contributions to causes we care about deeply.

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