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Our Label Pros manage your entire label process so you’re able to focus on other priorities. We provide you with a knowledgeable team of professionals focused on improving process and driving growth.

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Protect Against All Conditions With Harsh Environment Labels

Labels that don’t stick jeopardize your product safety and compliance with government regulations. Our labels are created to withstand exposure to corrosion and chemicals, excessive wear and extreme temperatures.

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best solutions for 40 years

Delivering the best solutions across the globe for 40 years

Computype has four decades of experience in constantly improving our customers’ ability to manage assets, reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Acknowledged barcode experts worldwide, Computype is now spearheading the development of technologies such as RFID and next-generation automation.


Label Printers

label printers

With two-color thermal transfer printing that complies with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), it’s easy to create high-quality text and graphics on your labels.

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Tire And Rubber Labels

tire and rubber labels

Say goodbye to labels that fade away or don’t stay in place. Our tire bead labels go the distance, remaining readable and affixed through all your tire production line processes.

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Healthcare Labels

Healthcare labels

Sequence integrity and guaranteed duplicate-free labels are why no provider supplies more sequentially numbered barcode Donation Identification Number (DIN) Label Sets worldwide than Computype.

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Marking Of Belts

Marking of belts

With none of the solvents or health and safety issues of screen printing, Computype's belt marking solutions add production flexibility. From fabric care to manufacturing and more, we have your solutions covered.

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Vacu-Lug Barcode Labels

Vacu Lug Barcode Labels

Re-tread company Vacu-Lug needed a barcode label that could take the heat

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Cord Blood Labels

Cord Blood Labels

Computype's custom labels were a unique fit for the New York Blood Center

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Agriculture Labels

Agriculture Labels

Laboratory automation played a key role in enhancing product development

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Working with Computype has been a revelation. From initial contact to the first order delivered they were professional throughout. Computype went out of their way to understand our processes and requirements and delivered the perfect solution for our application.

Customer: Vacu-Lug
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