Durable, custom-engineered barcode solutions for automotive parts.

Our expertise and experience ensure that labels support accurate parts tracking through the automotive manufacturing process, and convey operating and safety-critical information with dependable certainty. 

Barcode labels and solutions for automotive parts.

  • Custom-engineered label materials and adhesives – proven performance in extreme environments and areas of high wear and tear
  • Barcoding certainty – our vision-based inspection system guarantees pre-scanned barcodes with no risk of duplicates
  • Systems integration – solutions designed and engineered to easily fit with your existing production equipment
  • Consultancy – partners who will take an in-depth view of your tracking and data capture requirements and define the best solutions for overall process improvements
Fused IDs on Glass Vials

High-heat labeling solutions perform to 302-374 F


Control printhead pressure to disribute more evenly and reduce creasing


Transfer photo-realistic imagery onto rubber with pre-printed 800 dpi films

High-heat, durable labeling solutions for harsh environments

Thousands of parts comprise an automobile, and all of them are crucial to the performance and safety of the vehicle. Computype never loses sight of this fact; our solutions enable the efficient and accurate traceability of every component. With even the smallest part labels we bring precision and sequence integrity to your production – cutting downtime, increasing efficiency, and enhancing tracking as a result. Our solutions are a perfect fit with current and next-generation cyber-physical processes in the Automotive sector.


Preserve the identity of your parts with laminate barcode labels

Paint patch labels are applied to the uncoated item protected by a removable over-laminate. Once the unit has been painted, the label can be revealed by peeling away the overlay, leaving the paint finish perfectly intact. 



Efficient and accurate traceability for every component

From high heat, pressure, corrosion, dirt, vibration, or abrasion, we have a bespoke approach to creating labels that can survive the harshest  and most severe industrial manufacturing environments.

Vision-based inspection system for sequence management

Vulcanized tire labels act like a license plate, providing each tire with a unique identity to help track its progress and activity. If the sequence integrity of the labels are compromised, the risk of misdirected tires rises and often results in costly rework to rectify the break in communication. Every barcode on every bead barcode label will arrive at your facility having already been successfully scanned and accurately decoded thanks to our state-of-the-art vision-based inspection system.

This advanced feature in our production process scans and decodes every barcode symbol on every label set and automatically compares the decoded message to your job’s master data file.

The scan and decode process happens multiple times in succession (at production speeds of around 75 feet per minute), allowing us to verify that:


  • Each decoded number is within the range of numbers requested and is not duplicated
  • All symbols are in the correct position on the web
  • The symbols are scannable and decoded accurately
  • There is no gap in the sequence
Microplate Sequential Barcodes

Ready to track with Computype labels and solutions for your manufacturing site?

Computype quality means every constituent of your labeling system is optimized for performance, so accurate tracking becomes much more dependable. Watch this video to see our globally trusted tire bead labels put to the test.

Digital Track and Trace Solutions

Tracking tires across multiple systems and locations can be a challenge in any tire manufacturing plant. Without proper infrastructures in place this can lead to higher costs and lower visibility. Computype’s Digital Traceability Platform helps track critical assets digitally and physically – monitoring storage, usage, and more.

Struggling with any of your automotive parts labels or services?

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