Strategic solutions for identifying and tracking tires.

Advance your tire tracking process with dependable vulcanized tire labels that are trusted by manufacturers in more than 40 countries, with over 400 million in use every year. Whatever your organization’s preferred manufacturing processes, Computype has versatile tracking solutions to match. Our tire bead labels can be fully leveraged partially pre-printed or fully printed-on-demand, and are tough enough to withstand vulcanization and abrasion.

Tire barcode labels and solutions.

  • Heat and abrasion resistant – the barcode label remains adhered and scannable through even the harshest of vulcanization processes
  • Keeps production running – label materials and adhesives are engineered and tested to run flawlessly through application systems and downstream automated processes
  • Uniquely identified – our quality systems thoroughly check all pre-printed labels before shipping, to ensure no duplicates
  • Boost WIP tracking – applying tire barcodes pre-cure helps maintain a better audit trail and minimize tire rework
Fused IDs on Glass Vials

Custom industrial identification solutions for tires.

High heat, durable labeling solutions to survive vulcanization

Whether you’re referring to basic bead labels or vulcanized tire labels, tire barcodes all have the same goal – to assist in manufacturing. The alphanumeric value associated with each tire barcode is loaded into a database that stores detailed information about that tire. During manufacturing this information is located by the barcode and used to help guide each tire towards different manufacturing processes and maintain a detailed record of their journey.


High-heat tire barcodes engineered to survive vulcanization


Tire barcodes to survive aggressive scratch and peel testing


Enhance tracking, identification, and organization with color-coded labels

Tire Label Key Features

Tire Barcode Labels Specifics Benefit
Size Options Custom Choose a label size and orientation adjusted to your application
Thickness Options 100 or 125 microns Choose the thickness that best suits the aesthetic and functionality requirements of your tires
Shape Options Straight or Curved Follow the curve of the tire bead with a curved label, or stick to a standard straight barcode
Adhesion Engineered for purpose Our engineered adhesive system and label materials are carefully matched to your processes to ensure optimal performance under your conditions
Abrasion Resistance Highest performance on the market We carefully engineer your labels to remain intact and scannable throughout your processes with specialized materials and print technologies
Print Strategy Pre-printed or Print on Demand Order your labels already printed and ready to apply, or order blank labels that are compatible with your in–house printing solution
Application Timing



We have options that are engineered to last whether you apply your labels pre-cure or post-cure
Application Strategy Manual or Automation Whether you’re utilizing manual application, dispense and apply equipment or automation equipment, we have specially engineered labels to work with your processes
Color Options Yes If you’re interested in adding color to your bead labeling strategy, we can help
Finish Gloss or Matte Both gloss and matte options are available to accommodate your aesthetic taste and image protection needs

Specially engineered tire barcodes put to the test

Tire manufacturing takes time, diligence, precision, and accuracy. Our world-class barcode labels are made from materials that will ensure they will withstand the high heat and pressure during vulcanization as well as all post cure processes.

Vision-based inspection system for sequence management

Vulcanized tire labels act like a license plate, providing each tire with a unique identity to help track its progress and activity. If the sequence integrity of the labels are compromised, the risk of misdirected tires rises and often results in costly rework to rectify the break in communication. Every barcode on every bead barcode label will arrive at your facility having already been successfully scanned and accurately decoded thanks to our state-of-the-art vision-based inspection system.

This advanced feature in our production process scans and decodes every barcode symbol on every label set and automatically compares the decoded message to your job’s master data file.

The scan and decode process happens multiple times in succession, allowing us to verify that:


  • Each decoded number is within the range of numbers requested and is not duplicated
  • All symbols are in the correct position on the web
  • The symbols are scannable and decoded accurately
  • There is no gap in the sequence
Microplate Sequential Barcodes
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Digital Track and Trace Solutions

Tracking tires across multiple systems and locations can be a challenge in any tire manufacturing plant. Without proper infrastructures in place this can lead to higher costs and lower visibility. Computype’s Digital Traceability Platform helps track critical assets digitally and physically – monitoring storage, usage, and more.

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    Ready to try labels that can take the heat?

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    Why choose Computype?

    Computype partners with the top 5 global tire manufacturers to provide label consumables, hardware, and unparalleled service. Through our experience with major players in the tire industry we’ve learned a lot, allowing us to develop labeling solutions suited specifically to the most demanding tire manufacturing environments.