Complete solutions to identify and track microplates.

Improve efficiency and accuracy in biopharma research and high-throughput screening with the right identification and tracking strategy. Our precision barcodes printed on durable label materials align with the height restraints of standard SBS-plates means accurate identification and traceability of every well. Combined with efficiency and process-improving innovations like RFID and automation, you’ll be reducing expense, labor & errors in no time. 

Microplate barcode labels and solutions.

Durable microplate labels engineered to withstand extreme temperature cycles and chemical exposure.  Print them in-house via a thermal transfer barcode label printer, or let us do the imaging for you.  

  • Standard and custom sizes available to accommodate every need, including low-profile plates 
  • Increase plate functionality by implementing at-a-glance color identification or RFID
  • Save time and eliminate rework with dependable labels that remain readable and affixed through analytic procedures, to enable skilled personnel to concentrate on scientific activities
  • Add flexibility and choose from print-on-demand, pre-printed, automatic application, or even pre-barcoded plates to suit your process and budget

Microplate Barcoding and Marking

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Labels

Pre-printed and print on demand label stock

  • Polypropylene labels suitable for automatic application
  • Holds up to -80°C freeze/thaw cycles and an autoclave
  • Resistant to solvents including DMSO, methanol, isopropyl alcohol, and more
  • Custom versions available with paper liners
Cured Ink Direct Marking

Pre-barcoded plates to reduce prep work

  • Specialized inks cure directly to the surface of the plate
  • ±0.005g tare weight tolerance, eliminating variance caused by adhesives
  • Increased durability, withstanding all solvents
  • Plastic plates can survive liquid nitrogen

Vision-based inspection system for sequence management

Every barcode on every microplate will arrive at your facility having already been successfully scanned and accurately decoded thanks to our state-of-the-art vision-based inspection system.

This advanced feature in our production process scans and decodes every barcode symbol on every label set and automatically compares the decoded message to your job’s master data file.

The scan and decode process happens multiple times in succession (at production speeds of around 75 feet per minute), allowing us to verify that:


  • Each decoded number is within the range of numbers requested and is not duplicated
  • All symbols are in the correct position on the web
  • The symbols are scannable and decoded accurately
  • There is no gap in the sequence
Microplate Sequential Barcodes

Solutions beyond basic tracking to improve processes & meet strategic goals:

Labware Prep™ Services

Receive your specified microwell plates pre-identified with accurate, durable, sequential barcodes already applied. Sourcing pre-barcoded plates can save your laboratory both time and cost while allowing you to focus more on value-added research activities.

Ensure the best allocation of your skilled staff.

When they can be focused on research & meeting strategic goals, as opposed to applying barcode labels to microplates.

Reduces waste, costs, errors & unknowns.

Through improved consistency & dictating specifics related to your overall identification management strategy.

Microplate Label Application

Keep labeling controls in-house whilst still improving efficiencies, placement accuracy, and overall productivity with microplate label application automation systems. Depending on volume, ROI can be met extremely fast, and errors related to identification are virtually eliminated.

Increases downstream automated scanning accuracy.

As a result of precisely & consistently placed barcode labels every. single. time.

Keeps controls in house.

While still achieving increased output, a higher degree of consistency, and reduced administrative effort/error.

RFID Microplate Systems

With RFID-enhanced microplates, you can quickly and wirelessly locate and identify plates, secure & capture sensitive data, scan for authenticity, confirm authorized suppliers, and ensure proper use of every well plate.

Enhanced security.

And gain tighter control when you can locate and manage plates in real-time, without line of sight visibility.

Open more possibilities.

Track, manage and locate plates, using real-time data from a centralized source to support analytic decision-making and promote growth.

End-to-end microplate tracking solutions to identify your well plates and improve your overall lab workflows and procedures.

  • Millions of labels produced every year for tracking & management of blood, diagnostic testing, biologics, compounds, and research
  • Almost 50 years of experience and identification innovations to the global life science market
  • Solutions that go beyond a label or barcode to ensure your processes are improved and your success is achieved
  • Bespoke solutions and systems for those instances when you know exactly what you want, yet it doesn’t seem to exist

Laboratory Resource Management

Tracking high-value samples across multiple systems and locations can be a challenge in any laboratory. Without proper infrastructures in place this can lead to higher costs and lower visibility. Computype’s Digital Traceability Platform helps track critical assets digitally and physically – monitoring storage, usage, and more.

Struggling with any of your microplate identification or tracking strategies?

Request a call and let’s get you on track.