Identify, track & effectively manage your chemical libraries and databases.

Tracking solutions that support the storage, data management & full utilization of the high-value chemicals & compounds in your library. Because when high-throughput screening and drug development processes require absolute accuracy of data & compound characteristics, ensure your labware barcode strategy measures up.
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As a leading partner of tracking solutions to the largest compound storage libraries in North America, Computype knows how crucial every container, sample and data element is to the outcome of your discovery strategies.
Don’t jeopardize your research goals because of an unidentifiable or unusable sample; bespoke container ID strategies can ensure every compound is accounted for and contains the right information you need to be quick, accurate & successful.
Eliminate gaps or doubts in data management associated with sample tracking and let the barcode assist in capturing information related to chemical location, concentration and audit trail.  

Tracking solutions to support high value chemical compound management.

Keep your library organized, functional, and competitive with the most purposeful & practical tracking strategies.

Preserve small molecule compounds through long-term storage conditions

impurity-free barcoded glassware

Guarantee readable barcodes for the life of your container with advanced marking technologies for glassware including ceramic and fused bonding.

Streamline labware prep and improve tare weight accuracy

pre-tared glass vials

Outsource your labware prep tasks including tare weighing and procurement in addition to standard barcoding and marking.

Easily manage chemical libraries with end-to-end digital asset control

digital inventory control

Leverage a data-driven infrastructure that allows for tracking both digitally and physically, for the ultimate in intelligence and oversight of your library.

Organize compound concentrations with increased accuracy

rfid enhanced microplates

Locate and identify plates wirelessly, secure sensitive data, scan for authenticity, and ensure proper use of your well plates with RFID.

Explore Computype’s Labware Prep Services to fully leverage & customize your storage tubes for the ultimate in longevity and tracking success.

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