Cryo labeling solutions suited for long term sample storage

Maintain the highest degree of integrity through the lowest frigidity. Reliable identification is critical to ensuring the integrity of your samples through long-term storage in extreme temperatures and the many exposures they may face during processing. Explore cryogenic sample identification options suitable for a range of laboratory practices.

Custom engineered low-temperature labeling solutions

  • Protect biologics, specimens, and samples through both vapor phase and liquid nitrogen cryogenic storage
  • Apply labels to frozen vials with custom self laminating wraparound labels
  • Eliminate prep work from your lab by sourcing pre-barcoded, tared, and sorted cryo racks
  • Never lose a sample from labels peeling or falling off with permanent barcode marking technologies

Survive deep freeze and cryogenic storage with vapor and liquid nitrogen

To preserve biologic samples in an unaltered state, labs store the samples in extremely cold conditions, typically at least -80°C and often as low as -196°C. In addition, there may be exposure to toluene, acetone, and DMSO prior to freezing. These conditions pose significant problems for the barcode labels affixed to the sample containers. 

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Labels

Custom-engineered adhesive labels in multiple formats

  • Material TS1113: Clear wrap-around label with white patch for printing
  • Material TS864: Gloss white polypropylene material with cold-temperature adhesive
  • Material TS976: Matte white polyethylene label with strong cold-temperature adhesive
Cured Ink Direct Marking

Pre-barcoded tubes & vials to reduce prep work

  • Imaged ceramic material permanently bonded to glass
  • Specialized cured inks directly marked on plastic
  • Only available pre-printed
  • Offers ultimate durability at nearly any temperature
  • Performs to -196 C

Solutions beyond basic tracking to improve processes & meet strategic goals

Labware Prep™ Services

Receive your specified labware pre-identified with accurate, durable, sequential barcodes already applied. Sourcing pre-barcoded tubes & vials can save your laboratory both time and cost while allowing you to focus more on value-added research activities.

Ensure the best allocation of your skilled staff.

When they can be focused on research & meeting strategic goals, as opposed to applying barcode labels to labware.

Reduces waste, costs, errors & unknowns.

Through improved consistency & dictating specifics related to your overall identification management strategy.

Tube Labelers

Keep labeling controls in-house whilst still improving efficiencies, placement accuracy, and overall productivity with tube & vial label application automation systems. Depending on volume, ROI can be met extremely fast, and errors related to identification are virtually eliminated.

Increases downstream automated scanning accuracy.

As a result of precisely & consistently placed barcode labels every. single. time.

Keeps controls in house.

While still achieving increased output, a higher degree of consistency, and reduced administrative effort/error.

Digital Traceability

Tracking high-value samples across multiple systems and locations can be a challenge in any laboratory. Without proper infrastructures in place this can lead to higher costs and lower visibility. Computype’s Digital Traceability Platform helps track critical assets digitally and physically – monitoring storage, usage, and more.

Enhance asset monitoring and inventory visibility.

And gain tighter control when you can locate and check the status of your assets in real-time.

Open more possibilities.

Track, manage and locate labware, using real-time data from a centralized source to support analytic decision-making and promote growth.

Struggling with any of your labware identification or tracking strategies?

Request a call and let’s get you on track.