Cryo labels engineered to withstand extreme environments

Maintain the highest degree of integrity through the lowest frigidity. Reliable identification is critical to ensuring the integrity of your samples through long-term storage in extreme temperatures and the many exposures they may face during processing. Explore cryogenic sample identification options suitable for a range of laboratory practices.

Comprehensive cold-storage sample identification solutions

Extreme Endurance: Protect biologic and specimen data from liquid nitrogen exposure and long-term cryogenic storage

Easy Wrap-Around Application: Apply labels to frosted vials with our custom self-laminating wrap-around labels

Eliminate Risk: Never lose a sample from labels peeling or falling off with permanent barcode marking technologies

Low-temperature standard barcode labels for tubes, microplates, etc.

Discover our extensive range of cold storage label solutions, designed to meet all your needs. Whether it’s re-labeling frozen tubes, addressing freeze/thaw cycles, or managing a variety of cold storage environments, we have you covered. Our comprehensive selection ensures that you’ll find the perfect solution to streamline your identification and tracking processes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency, no matter the challenge.

Standard Freezer Labels:

Material TS502: Semi-gloss white polyolefin material for application at room temperature.

Material TS864: Gloss white polypropylene material with cold-temperature adhesive.

Material TS976: Matte white polyethylene label with strong cold-temperature adhesives.

Liquid nitrogen labels engineered to perform at -196°C.

We offer three specialized cryogenic label materials designed to withstand temperatures as low as -196°C, ensuring your samples remain safely and clearly identified in liquid nitrogen storage. These labels are available either blank or pre-printed to suit your specific needs.

Material TS1138: Specifically engineered for applying to frozen plastic or glass with a surface temperature as low as -80°C.

Material TS994: For plastic or glass containers larger than 15 mm in diameter.

Material TS1113: Clear wrap-around label with white patch for printing.

Durable labels ready for automated application.

Not all label materials are suitable for automated applications. Labels must be specifically engineered to run smoothly through applicators to ensure efficiency and precision. Our cryogenic labels can be manufactured to meet these demands and provide reliable performance in automated systems.

cab axon 1

We recommend two automated tube applicators: the Axon 1 and Axon 2. The Axon 1 applies labels to vertically oriented tubes and can integrate into a larger automated workflow. The Axon 2 applies labels to horizontally oriented tubes and features a compact, intuitive design for easy print-and-apply functionality.

Endure repeated freeze/thaw cycles with non-adhesive, permanent labels

Trust that your labels will stay put, regardless of the challenges posed by extreme cold or frequent temperature shifts. Experience the peace of mind that comes with durable and permanent cryogenic identification solutions

With this technology, you’ll enjoy a permanent and unyielding bond, ensuring your labels remain intact through countless freeze-thaw cycles.

No more worrying about adhesive fluctuations – your focus can remain on your cryogenic samples, confident that your identification is secure.

  • Greater tare weight stability
  • Guarantee precision barcode placement
  • Eliminate adhesive variables
  • Sample IDs to last the life of the container
  • Easily implement multiple barcodes

Enjoy the additional benefits of our Labware Prep™ Services program including capping, kitting, and tare weighing. 

Discover unmatched label durability.

Share your challenges with our cryogenic & freezer labeling experts.

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