Tracking solutions to safely identify, store & handle reagents.

Safely store chemical reagents and ensure regulatory compliance with durable, resistant & colorful labels. Go beyond basic identification & leverage RFID to help manage closed-loop diagnostic systems.

Solutions for reagent bottles & containers.

  • Clearly and effectively communicate critical safety information for laboratory chemicals
  • Increase data storage and tracking ability with RFID
  • Easily track and monitor your chemical inventory with digital traceability
  • Comply with regulations to protect your employees and ensure safe handling

Laboratory Chemical Labels

Laboratory reagents, buffers, culture media, and other chemicals require careful identification, documentation, storage, and tracking to ensure safety and preserve the accuracy and integrity of your analysis. Our label pros work closely with laboratories to ensure your labels clearly and accurately represent all of the required information. Engineered & tested specifically to endure usage in the lab, support your goals with identification that lasts.

Reagent Bottle Labels

Partially pre-printed color label templates for lab chemicals

Be sure your lab is both meeting regulatory requirements as well as keeping employees safe & informed with chemical compliance labeling standards. For a more efficient print-on-demand strategy, try using partially pre-printed label templates and print your variable data in-house

 pre-barcoded tube labels

Pre-barcoded single-use tubes for liquid samples and reagents

Receive your specified tubes for preparing, mixing, centrifuging, transporting, and storing liquid samples and reagents pre-identified with durable, sequential barcodes. Sourcing pre-barcoded tubes can save your laboratory both time and cost while allowing you to focus more on value-added research activities.

Enhance your identification strategy with RFID smart reagents

In some scenarios, laboratories can utilize RIFD to track and manage reagents and other laboratory chemicals. RFID can store much more information with much larger data storage capacities than barcodes. Additionally, RFID allows information to be updated which will enable you to track the expiration date and automatically update information.

    Sensed Data

    When coupled with sensors, RFID tags can help ensure the reagent is never out of the designated temperature range.

    Remaining Life

    Store incrementing variable data related to useful life associated to a specific reagent.


    Guarantee that only approved reagents are being used.

    Expiration Dates

    RFID tags can include the expiration date of the reagent and tied to a centralized inventory management package.

    Automated Data Logging

    Passive sensors can allow lab technicians to record data history on the RFID chip, updating the information at regular intervals.

    Microplate Sequential Barcodes

    Effectively track, store, and monitor chemical inventories with digital traceability

    Tracking high-value assets across multiple systems and locations can be a challenge in any laboratory. Without proper infrastructures in place this can lead to higher costs and lower visibility. Computype’s Digital Traceability Platform helps track critical assets digitally and physically – monitoring storage, usage, and more.

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    • Solutions that go beyond a label or barcode to ensure your processes is improved and your success is achieved
    • Bespoke solutions and systems for those instances when you know exactly what you want, yet it doesn’t seem to exist

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