Precision barcode labels for laboratory tubes and vials.

Discover the pinnacle of sample identification with our standard tube and vial labels. Our labels aren’t just products; they’re engineered solutions designed to meet the dynamic demands of your laboratory environment and deliver unmatched value to your workflow.

Discover the superior performance of our engineered tube labels

Precision Engineering: Trust in labels that have been put through their paces. Our labels are meticulously crafted, and engineered for the specific purpose they serve.

Unmatched Durability: Our labels redefine resilience. Crafted from materials engineered to withstand harsh solvents, extreme temperatures, and abrasion.

Seamless Sequence Control: We guarantee unique barcodes for each label. Beyond preventing immediate duplicates; we actively manage previous sequences, ensuring a history free of repetitions and hiccups.

Effortless Fit for Every Tube: Smoothly conform to top, bottom, and overall tube dimensions, ensuring a perfect match with subtle precision. 


Long-term cryo storage down to -196°C, freezer storage, and autoclave heat.


Resist most solvents including DMSO, isopropyl alcohol, xylene & more.

Wear & Tear

Permanent barcodes and self-laminating labels to protect your data.

Standard excellence: adhesive labels for tubes and vials

Crafted for endurance, our pressure-sensitive tube and vial labels boast unmatched durability with custom adhesives engineered to withstand the harshest conditions. Each label undergoes rigorous quality assurance, ensuring precision and reliability. We take pride in meticulously engineering every layer, guaranteeing a reliable, top-tier solution for your tube labeling needs.

Standard Tube Labels Specifics Benefit
Shapes Rectangle, square, circle, “bullet” Standard and custom shapes to best match your labware, including PCR and conical tubes
Sizes .25″ and up Custom sizes plus a general range of standard sizes based on common tubes and vials
Materials Polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, paper Material selection based on required resistance to chemicals, temperatures, and abrasion
Finishes Matte, satin, semi-gloss, gloss, high-gloss Enhance label contrast and support the printed image with a proper finish
Adhesives Permanent and removable options, some FDA 21 CFR 175.105 certified Custom engineered adhesives to suit different temperatures from -196° up to 260°C
Printing Blank or pre-printed Choose blank or pre-printed labels, or ask us about partially pre-printed labels
Color CMYK Improve at-a-glance identification with color-coded label elements
Formats Continuous rolls, perforated, fan-fold, WEL/NEL, etc. Receive your labels in the manner that best suits your needs and application strategy

Durable label materials engineered for peak performance

Generic sticker labels have no place in the rigorous world of laboratories. To maintain the highest standards of accuracy and reliability, laboratories should always opt for properly engineered labels meticulously crafted to be fit for their intended purpose. Our pressure-sensitive labels are highly engineered and meticulously crafted with the exacting needs of laboratories in mind.

Solvent Resistance

Our tube and vial labels are designed to resist solvents commonly encountered in laboratory settings, providing durability against splash and wipe exposure.

However, if your labeling requirements involve submersion, soaking, or exposure to more challenging solvents like heptane, IPA, MEK, and others, we recommend exploring our advanced permanent marking solutions.

Temperature Resistance

Pressure-sensitive tube and vial labels are engineered to withstand a wide range of temperatures and are safe for most autoclaves, freezers, and liquid nitrogen exposure.

For extreme conditions such as temperatures exceeding 400°C, multiple freeze-thaw cycles, or extended cryo storage, our experts can guide you on our specialized cryo and permanent marking solutions, matching your container’s endurance.

Barcode expertise: precision formatting and design

Unique sample identification is the lifeblood of every data-driven lab. In your lab, every sample, every test, every data point matters. We understand the vital role of unique identifiers in your lab’s success, offering tailored solutions for error-free tracking and reliable scans.

  • High-contrast barcodes for reliable scans
  • Linear and 2D symbologies to match any application
  • Manual and digital sequence quality checks
  • Ensure compatibility with software and instruments
  • Facilitate accurate, reliable data capture
  • Enhance automated workflows and dynamic routing

Lab applications for tubes and vials.

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Explore pre-barcoded autosampler vials and chromatography kits.

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Discover non-adhesive data matrix barcodes for PCR strips, microcentrifuge tubes, and more.

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Streamline blood collection and donations with sequential, color DIN label sets.

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    Our labels are crafted from materials engineered to withstand harsh solvents, extreme temperatures, and abrasion.