Barcode labels and tracking solutions to support validity in analytical labs.

Science solves real-world problems. But sometimes science takes a back seat to the small, busy tasks that support that science: double-checking your processes and triple-checking your annotations and resources, making sure they all align with your desired outcomes and that they are strictly accurate. Computype can help improve your processes and make the most of your lab’s resources and staff’s time.

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Eliminate gaps or doubts in data management associated with sample tracking and let the barcode assist in capturing the storage conditions, expiration date, and audit trail.


Innovative and permanent solutions to container identification & tracking means significant reductions in waste, errors, and administrative efforts, whilst increasing consistency & control to ensure every test & its associated data attributes can be relied upon.


Eliminate gaps or doubts in data management associated with tracking and let the barcode assist in ensuring every test tube or vial will remain scannable, workable, and reliable throughout the intake, processing, and testing stages.


Reliable solutions for agriculture sample collection and analysis.

Identification and tracking solutions for agriculture samples in analytical labs offer seamless management of soil, water, and other specimens. Advanced barcoding, custom marking, and labeling features ensure precise tracking throughout the testing process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Experience streamlined operations and enhanced traceability, optimizing workflow and ensuring reliable results for agricultural analysis needs.

Optimize your sample identification to meet your scientific standards

engineered labels and marking

The lasting integrity of your lab samples and processes is our goal. Our barcodes and markings remain scannable, legible, and intact even in extreme environments

Streamline your cannabis lab with reliable sample management

Uniquely identify cannabis samples

Enhance visibility and improve accuracy in your cannabis testing lab with advanced barcoding and tracking solutions.

Keep microplates moving and avoid downstream bottlenecks

Ensure reliable barcode scans

Ensure every well in every microplate can be tracked, leveraged, and accounted for when you trust Computype’s plate labeling solutions.

Enhance soil sample collection and analysis workflows with pre-labeled containers

Pre-barcoded & pre-marked labware

Pre-barcoded labware comes pre-identified and pre-labeled prior to delivery. All this pre-work means improved accuracy, increased productivity, and reduced errors.

Explore Computype’s Labware Prep Services to fully leverage & customize your test tubes & vials for the ultimate in consistency, control and tracking success.

Ready to increase your testing lab’s tracking strategy?

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