Advanced sample management solutions for strategic lab management

Effortlessly identify, track, and manage samples with our innovative solutions. We’re your partners in scientific progress, ensuring data authenticity, streamlined operations, and elevated lab performance.

Sample Identification

Unique, sequential IDs

Preserve the integrity of your samples and experimental results by maintaining precise, dependable, unique sample identification.

Sample Tracking

Locate samples with ease

Utilize RFID technology and digital tracking software solutions to effortlessly locate and monitor individual samples and reagents.

Labware Prep™ Services

Streamline lab prep tasks

Our full-service sample management solution can allow you to reduce or eliminate labware prep tasks for efficient laboratory workflows.

Laboratory Labels

Chemical and temperature-safe labels for every piece of labware

Provide a unique digital fingerprint for every reagent, sample, and specimen in your lab to ensure precision tracking in complex research workflows. Our label materials and adhesives are engineered to withstand extreme chemical and temperature exposures, ensuring that vital sample data remains intact for its entire lifecycle.

  • Custom, unique sequences
  • Advanced-engineered, quality-tested adhesives
  • Protective face materials
  • Versatile barcode symbologies

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your research is built on a foundation of precision and reliability.

Explore labeling solutions for:

Cryogenic Labels

Cold-temperature safe labels, suitable for repeated freeze/thaw cycles and liquid nitrogen storage.

Chromatography Kits

Durable, pre-barcoded glass autosampler and headspace vial kits for chromatography.

DIN Label Sets

Sequentially barcoded DIN Label Sets, scanned and verified by our vision-based inspection system.

Histology Slides

Xylene and stain-resistant self-laminating microscope slide labels for histology and pathology.

Sample Tracking

Track and monitor samples with RFID and digital tracking solutions

Seamlessly track and locate samples, from reagents to specimens, with real-time precision. Our cutting-edge digital tracking software solution, LabTrack™, can eliminate blind spots and transform your lab into a powerhouse of efficiency.

Utilizing RFID technology and mobile readers you can quickly and effortlessly locate samples within your freezers and stockrooms. By leveraging these solutions you will gain the upper hand in accuracy, compliance, and workflow optimization — revolutionizing sample management.

With our sample tracking solutions, you’re not just tracking samples; you’re tracking progress, innovation, and discovery.

Power your digitally connected lab with LabTrack™

LabTrack™ serves as the cornerstone for lab managers to orchestrate a digitally connected, data-driven lab, optimizing operations and streamlining sample management processes. By leveraging LabTrack™, lab managers can seamlessly integrate data, enable informed decision-making and foster collaboration in the lab.

  • Manage item-level data
  • Print and re-print item labels
  • Guarantee unique sequences
  • Recycle and reuse barcodes
  • Monitor sample status
  • Track detailed item history
Laboratory Services

Streamline prep tasks in your lab with Labware Prep™ Services

Experience the difference in accuracy, efficiency, and peace of mind that comes with Labware Prep™ Services — our meticulously designed full-service approach to sample management designed to empower your scientific endeavors by ensuring that every piece of equipment is impeccably prepared, identified, and tracked.

This service encompasses various tailored tasks such as procuring labware, barcoding and marking, tare weighing, packaging, and more — aiming to reduce or eliminate non-scientific prep tasks from your lab to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

Discover a superior alternative to conventional adhesive labels

Unlock advanced barcoding possibilities exclusively with Labware Prep™ Services, offering state-of-the-art marking technologies that allow you to achieve permanent identification — guaranteed to last as long as the labware itself.

Unlike traditional adhesive labels, these technologies apply barcodes, text, imagery, and color directly to labware, enhancing durability and enabling custom opportunities to further enhance your labware with additional codes, color branding, or functional marks.

Advanced Marking Technologies

  • Fused
  • Ceramic
  • Laser Etching
  • Cured Ink
Custom Marking Opportunities

  • Graduated fill lines
  • Color coding
  • Logos & branding
  • 2D codes on plugs & caps
Laboratory Service Partnerships

Partnership tracks for labware manufacturers and distributors

Labware manufacturers and distributors can integrate Computype’s Labware Prep™ Services into your own product and services catalog.

Expand your market reach, add value to your products, and strengthen your customer relationships by selling your labware pre-labeled with advanced barcoding technologies and custom markings.

Pre-Barcoded Product SKUs

Enhance your labware catalog with pre-barcoded products by leveraging our advanced barcoding and marking technologies and selling your labware barcoded, packaged, and ready for your customers to use. Our service is highly customizable, ensuring customers can get exactly what they need. With multiple imaging options to choose from, we can ensure you’ll achieve a reliable barcode no matter the shape of your labware or the exposures it might endure. 

Customization opportunities include: 

  • Tare weighing, sequential packaging, and kitting
  • Quick turn programs
  • Preset, established pricing programs for common pieces
Label Applicators

Help your customers streamline their prep tasks with automated label applicators, fit for their benchtop. When you partner with Computype you can add some of the most effective benchtop label automation systems for both tubes and microplates to your portfolio. We provide your customers with implementation, training and ongoing support. Our team will take care of consumables as well, ensuring your customer is matched and regularly supplied with the right labels and thermal transfer ribbons to suit their end-use application.

Applicators include: 

  • cab Axon 1 & 2 tube labelers
  • cab SQUIX microplate labeler
  • cab SQUIX scan and print replicator
Sales & Marketing Support
Sales and Technical Training

Your team will be provided with the necessary training to effectively sell these custom services. This training includes technical education on products and services, as well as the tools & qualifying questions to help identify prospective customers & markets. We can also participate in annual sales meetings to present new products and services.

Qualifying and Sales Support

We are here to be involved as much or as little as you need us during the sales process, it’s up to you. We can work with you to identify the most cost-effective imaging method or automation equipment that will satisfy your customer requirements. For all new orders, we prepare a detailed drawing/proof, including packaging specifications, for your customer’s approval.

Marketing and Website Content

You’ll gain access to our library of supporting content, including blog posts, brochures, whitepapers and more. Our team can provide you with our content featuring your brand, or co-branded, whichever you prefer. Computype’s marketing team will provide you with SEO-optimized webpage content to feature on your website and can provide SEO-boosting insights to continuously drive traffic to your page.

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