Confidently, yet discreetly label & track every garment, uniform & textile.

Heat-seal labels, sew-in barcodes and unique systems to ensure efficient tracking and management of every garment. Because when your barcode strategy is optimized, your process can function more efficiently, ultimately ensuring reliable & repeat business.

Barcode labels and solutions for fabric and garments

  • Ensure scannability through industrial wash cycles with permanent, heat-sealed barcodes
  • Pre-printed or print-on-demand flexible label solutions to meet your needs
  • Easily sort garments and fabrics with color stripe labels

Heat-Activated Adhesive Labels for Garments and Textiles

These uniquely developed barcodes are specifically designed to be heat-pressed onto a garment for a more permanent tracking solution.

The heat-activated material keeps the label affixed despite repeated exposure to wash cycles and dry cleaning processes.

The barcode remains 100% scannable so you can easily manage workflows.

Heat-Activated Tack Liner Garment Labels

Material: TS871TL – Heat-activated adhesive label on tack liner

Material: TS871DTL – Heat-activated adhesive label on tack liner with pressure-sensitive adhesive for initial placement. (Also known as ‘sticky’ or ‘tacky’ labels.)

Description: Heat-activated white film; works well in both dry cleaning and laundry applications. Also available without liner for printing on low-cost thermal transfer printer. Color stripes can be added for ease of sortation.

Fabrics: Cotton, cotton/poly blends, and polyester

Application: 350° F top and bottom, 60 psi pressure, 5-7 seconds

Pre-Printed Labels


Label Size

Order Multiple MOQ

Pre-Printed TS871TL or TS871DTL

.6875″ x .25″

4,000 20,000

Pre-Printed TS871TL

1″ x .25″

3,000 12,000
Blank Labels

Part Number

Label Size

Roll Size

Order Multiple


1034856 TL

1043132 DTL

.6875″ x .25″

5000 labels/roll for tabletop printers



1034879 TL

.6875″ x .25″

2500 labels/roll for desktop printers

10,000 20,000

1034873 TL

1043134 DTL

1″ x ” .25″

5000 labels/roll for tabletop printers

15,000 15,000


1.25″ x .50″

4500 labels/roll for tabletop printers

9,000 18,000


1.25″ x .50″

1900 labels/roll for desktop printers

3,800 11,400

Additional Heat-Activated Garment ID Labels



Compatible Fabrics

Label Application


Heat-activated white film; excellent temperature and mechanical resistance.

Cotton, cotton/poly blends

350° F. top and bottom, 80 psi pressure, 4 seconds


Heat-activated white film; ideal where bond to fabric might be difficult.

Nylon & polyester weaves – not for use in industrial laundries Heat setting of 300 – 350 F top and bottom, pressure of 80 psi, for 3 – 8 seconds

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