Exploring Barcode Outsourcing in Sample Management

White Paper

This white paper explores the current identification and tracking challenges facing compound and sample management. Then illustrates how outsourcing the preparation processes associated with labware procurement, barcoding, and container taring can enhance productivity and reduce both errors and waste.

clinical diagnostics research laboratory

For organizations and labs relying on compounds and samples for research every day, correctly identifying and tracking each plate, tube or vial can be both exacting and laborious.

Activities such as tare weighing and sample labeling often fall on the shoulders of skilled scientific staff. Essential as these tasks are, they reduce the capacity of a team to carry out its core, most productive scientific activities. This often leads to compromised throughput speeds, mislabeled or lost samples, and increased costs.

Utilizing labware that has already been procured, marked, tared, and packed according to usage guidelines will reduce labeling errors and increase throughput speeds.

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