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Expertly engineered barcodes and labels

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READY Labware Services

Computype RLS 2D Barcoded Glass

The labware you already use can be pre-barcoded, tared, and custom packed to arrive to your facility, or your customer's facility, ready to use. 

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Automated Tire Tread Labeling

Automated tire tread labeling

Integrating a Chromaffix tread labeling automation solution to your tire production line is economical, straightforward, and comes with a host of cost and production, process, and business benefit.

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Marking of Belts


With none of the solvents, health, or safety issues that come with screen printing, our unique means of marking belts offers flexibility and dependability in production. 

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Cryo Tube and Vial Labels

Cryo Tube and Vial Labels

Whether it’s exposure to harsh chemicals, submersion in liquid nitrogen or a -80 degrees Celsius deep freeze, Computype cyro tube and vial labels can withstand the extremes and remain dependably affixed and legible.

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Discover why we are different

Whether you’re collecting blood for patients in a hospital or manufacturing tires for icy winter roads, labeling impacts people. You need a label manufacturer that offers quality labels, customizable solutions and proven best practices for assured accuracy.

Watch the video to see how we have become a market leader in offering innovative labeling, barcoding and tracking solutions.

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best solutions for 40 years

Delivering the best solutions across the globe for 40 years

Computype has four decades of experience in constantly improving our customers’ ability to manage assets, reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Acknowledged barcode experts worldwide, Computype is now spearheading the development of technologies such as RFID and next-generation automation.


Pre-Barcoded Labware Reduces Labor & Streamlines Operations for a Large Repository

Pre-Barcoded Labware Reduces labor and streamlines operations for a large repository

One of the largest cell and DNA repositories in the world had been struggling with inefficiencies in its tracking and labeling processes and reached out to Computype in hopes to find a solution.

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Dynamic Label Automation Solutions Enable Process Improvements in Tire Manufacturing Plants

Dynamic Label Automation Solutions & World Class Service Enable Process Improvements

A top five global tire manufacturing company located in Brazil reached out to Computype for labeling assistance when tasked with meeting the INMETRO regulation, which aims to comply with environmental legislation related to tire production and sales. 

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How Color Labeling Technology Improves Warehousing and Logistics

How Color Labeling Technology Improves Warehousing and Logistics

At Computype, we provide reliable labeling and identification solutions in order to make our customers’ processes easier. As we are always up for a challenge, we have recently taken on a project in the logistics industry. 

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Working with Computype has been a revelation. From initial contact to the first order delivered they were professional throughout. Computype went out of their way to understand our processes and requirements and delivered the perfect solution for our application.

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