Custom barcoding and marking solutions for labware manufacturers.

Labware manufacturers and distributors can integrate Computype’s Labware Prep™ Services into your own product and services catalog. Expand your market reach, add value to your products, and strengthen your customer relationships by selling your labware pre-labeled with advanced barcoding technologies and custom markings. Your customer relationships remain your own – with sample kits, order forms, and sales literature featuring your own branding.

Why partner with Computype?

We are a team of consultative, global subject matter experts and on-staff engineers who are passionate about what we do and sharing what we know.

We harness technology and innovation to solve customer problems others can’t.

When you partner with Computype, you gain access to a portfolio of tools to help your customers.

We leverage our expertise to identify and track critical assets and inventory with comprehensive and innovative programs that help you improve your customers’ processes, performance and control.

Advanced marking technologies for pre-identified labware

Value-added products and services

pre-barcoded labware

Enhance your labware catalog with pre-barcoded products

Leverage our advanced barcoding and marking technologies and sell your labware barcoded, packaged, and ready for your customers to use. 

Our service is highly customizable, ensuring customers can get exactly what they need. With multiple imaging options to choose from, we can ensure you’ll achieve a reliable barcode no matter the shape of your labware or the exposures it might endure.

  • Tare weighing, sequential packaging, and kitting
  • Quick turn programs
  • Preset, established pricing programs for common pieces
benchtop automation

Help your customers streamline prep tasks with label automation

When you partner with Computype you can add some of the most effective benchtop label automation systems for both tubes and microplates to your portfolio.

We provide your customers with implementation, training and ongoing support. Our team will take care of consumables as well, ensuring your customer is matched and regularly supplied with the right labels and thermal transfer ribbons to suit their end-use application.

  • cab Axon 1 & 2 tube labelers
  • cab SQUIX microplate labeler
  • cab SQUIX scan and print replicator

Support for your sales team

Sales and Technical Training

Your team will be provided with the necessary training to effectively sell these custom services.

This training includes: technical education on products and services, as well as the tools & qualifying questions to help identify prospective customers & markets.

We can also participate in annual sales meetings to present new products and services.

Qualifying and Sales Support

We are here to be involved as much or as little as you need us during the sales process, it’s up to you.

We can work with you to identify the most cost-effective imaging method or automation equipment that will satisfy your customer requirements.

For all new orders, we prepare a detailed drawing/proof, including packaging specifications, for your customer’s approval.

Marketing and Website Content

You’ll gain access to our library of supporting content, including blog posts, brochures, whitepapers and more.

Our team can provide you with our content featuring your brand, or co-branded, whichever you prefer.

Computype’s marketing team will provide you with SEO-optimized webpage content to feature on your website and can provide SEO-boosting insights to continuously drive traffic to your page.

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Expand your offerings portfolio and differentiate yourself against your competition.

Discover how partnering with Computype can help grow your business.

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