Pre-barcoded glass chromatography and autosampler vials.

Tested, trusted, chromatography kits comprised of high-quality glass vials and closures. Our pre-barcoded kits allow efficient, accurate sample handling and tracking through advanced analytical chemistry procedures.

Strategic identification and tracking solutions

Increase automation and enhance instrument and software compatibility with linear and 2D chromatography barcodes

Reduce risk of error from manually keying in sample IDs and imprecise handwritten labels

Enhance labware functionality with custom marks including graduated fill lines

Allocate resources more efficiently and get support with prep tasks including tare weighing, sorting, etc.

HPLC Chromatography Vial, Screw Cap

Ready to use headspace and autosampler vials

Elevate your laboratory efficiency with our pre-barcoded chromatography kits, meticulously designed for 2 mL autosampler vials and 20 mL headspace vials. With these ready-made kits, researchers can devote all their attention to scientific pursuits, assured that their vials are accurately labeled and ready for analysis, streamlining workflows and maximizing productivity. These kits can significantly reduce the amount of time dedicated to prep work in your lab and protect your samples through HPLC, GC, and MS analysis.

Vial Material

Clear Type 1 Borosilicate Glass

Quality Control

MS Certified Glass, Barcode Sequence Management

Barcode Technology

Cured Ink Direct Marking

Nase-Controlled Environment

Kits prepared in a DNase/RNase-free environment

Caps and Closures

Screw Caps and Crimp Caps

Pre-Barcoded Chromatography Kits

Each kit includes 100 pre-barcoded glass vials and their accompanying closures, conveniently packaged for easy use. We utilize our cured ink direct mark barcode technology to ensure scannability and permanence.

2 mL Autosampler Vial Kits

Vials: 2 mL 12x32mm, 100 ct

Barcode: 2D, 10-digit numeric code on side or bottom


  • Screw top (9 mm thread) and PTFE/silicone cap with or without slit
  • Crimp top (11 mm) with aluminum & PTFE/silicone crimp seals

20 mL Headspace Vial Kits

Vials: 20 mL Headspace vials, 100 ct

Barcode: Linear barcode on side, 2D code on bottom, 10 digit numeric

Closure: Crimp top (20 mm) with aluminum & PTFE/silicone crimp seals

Advanced barcoding and vial preparation for chromatography

Across the globe, laboratories benefit from our assistance in developing the most efficient, accurate, and reliable strategies for labeling tubes within their unique and harsh environments. With our team of label pros gaining continual experiences within laboratories, we developed Labare Prep™ Services to enhance and advance identification and tracking in any lab. 

  • Permanent barcodes for GC, HPLC, and LC-MS vials
  • Custom marks including graduated fill lines
  • Precision tare weighing service with detailed reports
  • Expert barcode design for glass and amber vials
  • 2D barcodes for vial caps/bottoms
  • Compatible with autosamplers, liquid handling, etc.

Setting up a cannabis testing lab?

Implementing barcoding and tracking solutions can streamline operations, ensuring accurate data collection and inventory management. These tools facilitate a data-driven approach, enhancing efficiency and compliance within the lab environment.

Experience peace of mind knowing that your cannabis samples are accurately identified, tracked, and managed with our comprehensive solutions, backed by industry-leading expertise.

Struggling with time-consuming sample preparation in your chromatography experiments?

Share your pain points and we’ll be in touch to talk tailored solutions.

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