Blood Bag and Tube Labeling.

Your patients’ blood samples, tracked with the knowledge that health hangs in the balance—that’s the power of consistent, inventive partnership you should expect from a blood labeling leader. From blood bag labels and DIN label sets to barcode replicators, Computype can provide everything you need to ensure safe handling of your blood products.

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Computype leads in sample identification with our vision-based inspection system that eliminates duplicate and no-read barcodes and guarantees first-time scannability.


Our labels are engineered to endure extreme temperature cycles and chemical exposures to ensure that your laboratory never loses track of a sample.


Source pre-identified tubes and vials and eliminate label application from your laboratory altogether. Our pre-barcoded labware arrives ready for immediate use to help save your lab time and boost throughput.


Monitor and track your samples and inventory through a centralized data hub. Our cloud-based digital traceability platform provides end-to-end traceability throughout your entire supply chain. 

Blood product labels and solutions.

ISBT 128 Labels

Print ISBT 128-compliant labels easily and economically with single-sourced materials and equipment. Source a precision label and ribbon combination that fits your needs making high quality, durable printing performance immediately available to you.

DIN Label Sets

Ensure consistency and accuracy in blood labeling with sequential, color-coded barcode DIN label sets. Every label included in your set will be scanned and verified by our vision system to eliminate duplicates and ensure readability. 

DIN Label Replicator System

Our DIN replicator systems are modified to perform one task, and one task only—replicate individual labels. It’s programmed to print only the size, symbology and character count associated with your processes to reduce opportunity for error.

Blood Bank Digital Traceability

Blood banks can ensure safe handling of blood products with a digital traceability platform for tracking and monitoring critical inventory. Computype’s Digital Traceability Platform is a full-service, end-to-end traceability solution that provides an infrastructure that allows you to track critical assets digitally and physically via RFID and barcode identification. 

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