Streamline your cannabis lab with advanced barcoding and tracking solutions.

Elevate your cannabis testing capabilities with advanced identification and tracking solutions, empowering your lab to deliver precise and reliable results.

Manage cannabis samples

Uniquely identify individual cannabis samples and cannabinoids with precision to ensure data accuracy and integrity.

Support analysis & testing

Streamline analysis with pre-barcoded glass vials, ensuring seamless compatibility with chromatography instruments and software.

Track and locate samples

Track and store cannabis samples, ensuring adherence to GLP guidelines and guaranteeing complete end-to-end traceability.

Manage your cannabis lab with ease.

Experience peace of mind knowing that your cannabis samples are accurately identified, tracked, and managed with our comprehensive solutions, backed by industry-leading expertise. Enhance operational efficiency in your cannabis lab by implementing unique, tailored solutions to optimize workflows and sample management.

Ready to optimize your cannabis lab with precision tracking solutions? Get started today. 

  • Uniquely identify individual samples with expertly designed barcodes
  • Enhance your labware with custom grad lines and tare weighing services
  • Easily track, store, and manage samples with custom software

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A tailored approach to overcome every challenge

Barcodes & unique IDs

Expertly designed barcode symbologies to ensure high read rates and seamless cannabis analysis workflows.

Digital traceability

Advanced tech solutions from label format generation and system integration to cloud-based tracking.


Enhance tracking and enable precision locating of individual cannabis samples in your lab.

Labware Prep™ Services

Your labware, procured, custom-marked, prepared, and packaged to your specifications.

Label printing

Systems set up to match your specific materials, barcode verification, and functionality.


Semi and fully automated label printing and application to your labware and components.

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